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healthy snacks

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Hey there, boos! I’ve been sharing my favorite healthy recipes on the blog this past year and loving that y’all are making them! I’ve started to receive numerous questions about snacks and generally what I eat during the day. Last week on my Instagram story, I talked about my new online market obsession, Thrive Market. I showed you guys the food I ordered from them and most importantly, snacks. Per y’alls request, today I’m sharing ALL of my favorite gluten free, paleo friendly and clean nom noms! You can find many at your local grocery store, while others you buy at Thrive Market.

If you interested in becoming a Thrive Market member. Let me give you a quick run down. Essentially it’s an online market selling everything from healthy foods, vitamins, baby goods, beauty products and more. If you become a member for $60/year, you will receive incredible savings on all of their goods! I also love it because I live in a small town, and many of the health and wellness items I want, aren’t always available. It’s SO convenient! If you want to give it a go, you can try it out with a FREE 30 day trial. And no, babes, this is NOT an ad! I’m just loving this company!! Check it out here.

See below for a detailed list of my favorite snacks. You’ll notice I specify the exact flavor(s) I like. Trust me, I’ve tried many things that aren’t good, so take my word for it! 😉 Please note: in general the majority of the items listed are very low in sugar as I try to stay away from it. I’ve also posted if the snack is paleo, gluten free and/or vegan next to it.

If you’re interested in MY FOOD journey and what I eat – check out my blog post here. Leave a comment with any questions you may have. Enjoy!

Healthy Snack List

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs – “No Cheese” Cheesiness – paleo, gluten free, vegan

Lesser Evil Organic Himalayan Gold Popcorn – gluten free

Lesser Evil Organic Oh My Ghee Popcorn – gluten free

Plant Snacks Cheddar Cassava Root Chips – paleo, gluten free, vegan

Siete Sea Salt Grain Free Tortilla Chips – gluten free, paleo, vegan

Jilz Gluten Free Mediterranean Crackerz – gluten free

Epic Sea Salt & Pepper Venison Steak Bars – gluten free, paleo

Epic Sriracha Chicken Bars – gluten free, paleo

CHOMPS Original Free Range Turkey Snack Sticks – gluten free, free range, paleo

CHOMPS Hoppin’ Jalapeno Grass-fed Beef Snack Sticks – gluten free, free range, paleo

Julian Bakery® Paleo Thin® Protein Bars Chocolate Brownie – gluten free, paleo

Julian Bakery® Paleo Thin® Protein Bars Blueberry Tart – gluten free, paleo

Primal Kitchen Coconut Cashew Collagen Protein Bars gluten free, paleo

Thrive Market Organic Dry Roasted & Salted Almonds – gluten free, paleo

Healthy Smoothie Recipe – gluten free

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