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24 01
kitchen organziation

Kitchen Organization Details

Hey hey! If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that I started to get my kitchen in order once the new year hit. I first started with my spice drawer and posted a HOW-TO Reel over on Instagram. Watch it here! This spiraled into me re-organizing my entire kitchen AND finding some new organizer that are incredible. Today I’m sharing all of the details, links and pics below of how I used them in my space.

I want to point out that in this kitchen I do NOT have a pantry… it’s not ideal but I finally figured out how to most efficiently use the space I have! If you’re in my boat, this post is going to help! I categorized my kitchen organization into three groups: drawer, cabinet and counter. See the sections below for a list of what I used – all of these are linked. I also rounded up a shop to make it easy!

All of my countertop organization is cute AND functional! So important as you will see it ALL THE TIME. I was going to roundup my favorites overall but honestly, I LOVE everything I use. Enjoy this post and please leave a comment with any questions you have.

Happy organizing!!

Drawer Organizers

Expandable Bamboo Flatware & Utensil Tray, Spice Drawer Liner, Glass Spice Jars, Spice Labels (size: 1.25″x2.25″)

Cabinet Organizers

Plastic Kitchen Bins, 3-Tier Expandable Shelf, Adjustable Cookware Rack, Glass Airtight Jars, Glass Jar Labels (font 8 lowercase, size 7cm)

Counter Organizers

Utility Stoneware Kitchen Canisters (snacks, cookies & coffee), Wicker Baskets, Black Wood Fruit Basket, Dough Bowl, Oil/Vinegar Jars, Wood Grain Box, Skinny Glass Jars (multiple sizes), Glass Jar Labels, Marble Utensil Holder

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kitchen organization
kitchen organization
kitchen organization
kitchen organization
kitchen organziation
kitchen organization

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  1. Did you buy the small center island / prep table or was it custom built? I love it and it is exactly the shape and style we are looking for. Love your kitchen!

    • Hi Brittany! We had it custom made to fit the space. There was nothing in the middle of the kitchen when we purchased the home and it felt empty.