How To Style A Cozy Corner

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how to style a cozy corner

How to Style a Cozy Corner

Hi there, guys! Today I’m sharing my first blog post about our “new” home, which I call our “fixer upper”. We initially purchased it as a rental property, but when we sold our modern farmhouse unexpectedly, we needed somewhere to go! It has been so much fun remodeling the inside of this house. I want to share one of my favorite corners with y’all and walk you through how and what I used to style it!

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I’m all about that comfy life! I love mixing textures, neutrals and everything soft. SO when it came to the oversized living area, I knew I had room for a cozy corner. You could create a space like this in another part of your home too, like a bedroom. I utilize this area in the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s one of my favorite places to sit in the house and drink coffee, answer emails and have an evening cocktail with Luke! Ok, here’s how to style out your own space…

5 Steps to Styling a Cozy Corner

[1] Chairs – First things, first… you’re gonna need some comfortable chairs! I always call the furniture the foundation pieces of a room. From there, I style the space with decor. I went with burlap country-chic chairs that align with my home aesthetic. These beauties are not only functional, but they look great!

[2] Side Table – Next up, it’s time for a side table to set decor on… and maybe a glass of wine! 😉 I went with a round gold and glass piece. I like the metallic accent as I have brushed brass in other areas of my home. Unfortunately this one is sold out, so here is a similar option.

[3] Poufs – When creating a cozy corner, poufs are A-must! Gotta have something to put our feet up on – amiright?! I prefer a neutral knit option. The two I have are the perfect size and under $100. I set them evenly in front of each chair. I’ll link more options below.

[4] Pillows/Blanket – You can’t have a cozy space without fluffy pillows and a warm blanket. The two I used to style out my chairs are some of my favorites. I like to go with oversized pillows (24″x24″) and guys, it’s ALL about the insert. Here is the link to my favorite – FYI: I prefer down as it is more moldable – need be able to karate chop them! Ha! After I have my pillows in place, I layer on a throw over one of the chairs. This is my all time favorite knit blanket – linked here!

[5] Decor – Lastly I use decor to finish off the space! I started with a tray that is the same shape as the table I’m setting it on. From there I styled it with coasters and faux eucalyptus to bring in some color. I also utilized a few coffee table books to create a bit of height and placed an antler and personal family photo on top! Boom, she’s all done!

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how to style a cozy corner
how to style a cozy corner
how to style a cozy corner

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