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F A M I L Y // Hey babes!! Today I’m taking over and showing y’all Ford’s nursery, my fave mama goods, must-have baby items and more! Shop everything over on the app! If you’re new to follow me here’s a little bit about moi🙋🏻‍♀️ My hubs, Luke, and I moved to Idaho 2+ years ago from Cali, built a modern farmhouse, had our baby boy, Ford, at home and then decided to sell it when he was 3 months old!🤪 We ended up moving down the road to a fixer upper property we had been working on! It’s been such a blast! OH and we just got an airstream last month and have started to explore as a family!

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H A L L O W E E N // Too soon?! Nope!🦇🦇🦇 Muahahaha! If you’re new to following me, I’m obsessed with Halloween!🖤 These little BATS were last years best seller! SO fun!!🦇 If ya wanna set up a space like this, ya better get on it witches!!🧙🏻‍♀️ Currently thinking about what I want the fam to be AND planning this years decor in the new house!!🏠 Head over time the app to shop!!🖤

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H O M E // Living room deets!😍 My new fave decor, grasses!!🌾 Loving these bleached dried beauties🤍🤍🤍 AND they’re such a good deal! Added them to my @benjaminmoore “Hale Navy” bench setup - such a charming spot in our home!💙 Sharing this space and all my fave coffee table books over on the app! #sbkliving

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A I R S T R E A M // Morning, guys!! I spy a cute lil’ bébé!!👶🏼 We had SO much fun on our first airstream adventure, that Luke and I are already planning our next trip for this fall!🍂 Pumpkin patches, here we come!!!🤗 On today’s story I’m sharing July’s best sellers including 4 items from our trailer bedroom👉🏻 $69 gray farmhouse comforter, antelope pillow cover, budg pillow insert andddddd the best knit blanket in all of the land! Head over to the to shop... baby not included😜 #sbkliving #airstream #bedroom

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F A M I L Y // What a difference a year makes... ❤️ From pregnancy to a home birth and now having my little Fordy by my side each day. It’s been the biggest blessing especially in this crazy time. Motherhood has taught me so much but most of all, to slow down and cherish each moment❤️ We’ve all been given the gift of TIME together in 2020. I asked you guys what are some positive things that have come from quarantine and the Covid world we are living in. Most if not all responded with, TIME with my family❤️ How special is that? Sending out much love to all of you who have decided to see this year as an opportunity for family, connection and love❤️

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