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06 03

Spring Beauty Organization

Hello, beauties!  As I mentioned on my Instagram Story, it’s all about organization this week on the blog.  Let’s start by organizing our BEAUTY products.  If you’ve followed me for a minute, you know I’m pretty Type-A, always having a place for everything.  Ya, you could call me a “neat freak”.  No offensive taken, I find it a compliment 😉 LOL  Come SPRING, it’s all about cleaning out and organizing not only your wardrobe but everything around your home.  I’m totally on board with this BUT I will say, I believe in doing it EVERY season… yes, 4 times a year.  Decluttering and cleaning out your THINGS that no longer serve you on a physical AND emotional level, is SO healthy.  Trust me, after you do it, you will feel SO much better.   I find my overall attitude is lighter, not as anxious, and it feels GOOD to be in my home.  I really believe order creates serenity.  Here are all of my favorite products to organize your beauty space in your home…

First things first, where do I find all of these magical organizers?!  ETSY!!  Yes, that right… I am a HUGE lover of the site.  I have found SO many home decor, fashion and party supply gems.  Let’s not forget most of my finds are major DEALS as well.  Y’all don’t need to spend a bunch of money to get organized!  See below for all of my favorite goodies from ETSY!

If you’re interested in my glam station furniture, not to worry, I’ll be sharing everything on the blog later this week!  SO many good deals… Stay tuned.

Important Tip

If you can SEE it, you will use it!  This is why I utilize acrylic organizers, trays, etc. 

My top 5 favorite organizers

[1] Acrylic Organizer – I use these organizers for all of my makeup pallets, foundations, eyeshadows, bronzers, blush, concealers and more.  I find they’er not only cute but a V great way to see everything you have so you actually use it!  I do not like putting makeup into bathroom drawers as things get lost and end up not getting used.  Who wants that?!

[2] Lipstick Holder – I find if I throw my lipsticks in a drawer, I will NEVER wear them.  And we buy them to be worn, amiright?!  I love this 24 slot holder – only $9!!  If you have more lippies, swap them out depending on the season you’re in – i.e. it’s time to bring out all of your pinks you’ve stored away, perhaps in your acrylic organizer, for SPRING 😉

[3] Brush Holder – Every lady should have a cute brush holder… well, assuming you have brushes, which if you don’t, it’s time!  Sephora has some great sets for less.  I think this is an item you can have fun with and show your own personal style.  In the past, I’ve used graphic coffee mugs for my brushes and pencils, which is also a great idea.  I am in LOVE with my current brush situation.  This blush mason jar is perfection in my book – rustic-chic vibes all the way!  This beauty comes in numerous colors and sizes.  Check all of them out here!

[4] Eye and Lip Holder – Y’all really need this gem in your life.  I found  Original Beauty Box, about a year ago, and re-did all of my makeup org sitch.  Not only do they have great price-points, i.e. this triple holder at $32,  but it’s perfect for ALL of your pencils, glosses and longer shaped beauty items.  Click here for a  link to the marble triple-tray holder (pictured below).  It’s legit, perfection!!

[5] Tray – Ladies, I LOVE me a tray!  I use them all over the house for cute lil’ moments and to entertain.  In my beauty setup, I use a tray to organize my cotton products and hair goodies.  You could also use a tray to display perfume, blooms or other beauty items.  My white marble tray is also from Original Beauty Box. Click here for more details.

Shop My Top 5 Favorite Organizers

Acrylic Organizers

spring cleaning beauty

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Lipstick Holder

spring cleaning beauty

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Eye & Lip Pencil/Gloss Holder

spring cleaning beauty

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Makeup Brush Holder

spring cleaning beauty

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spring cleaning beauty

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Vanity Decor Items

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*A huge thanks to Etsy for sponsoring this blog post! #ad

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  1. Hey Kasey
    Quick question about the vanity desk, when it says swipe up to shop, there’s nothing to swipe up. And you haven’t posted a pic on instagram also, so I could screenshot and find it. Bests:)

  2. I love this blog post! I have a similar set up and love my cosmo cubes. However, it’s time for spring cleaning and to tidy up a bit. I think i definitely need something like the gold rack you have. thanks for sharing all of your tips and recommendations!