Things That Helped My Mom During Chemo

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The past 6 months have been emotional to say the least. When we found out my mom’s cancer from 3 years ago was back, it was gut wrenching. However, we were full speed ahead to support her through this journey. When I spoke about it on Instagram, I received an overwhelming amount of love, guidance and tips. I know so many of us are touched by this.

At the beginning my goal was to compile a list of all of the things that would help ease the chemo treatments. She was such a warrior during and has now completed all 6 treatments. YAY! Overall she did VERY well. The days following the chemo treatment she would be tired (to be expected). However she got her energy back quickly (3-5 days), and would be off living her normal daily life. I believe a lot of the additional support items, detoxification treatments, supplements and the way she ate really helped with this.

Below I’ve compiled a very specific list of the items (everything linked that I can), therapies and resources that helped her during chemo. She tried a lot of things but this is what worked for my mom’s journey.

I felt VERY overwhelmed at the beginning. My hope is to give y’all some guidance and a starting point. Sending all my healing prayers and love to those who have to experience this. Please comment on this post with any questions you have. xx

Helpful Tips

Hair loss – Be prepared. Get scarves and a wig before hair falls out. I shaved my mom’s head right when her hair started to come out. I highly recommend this. Having it fall out and seeing it in the mirror was not good for her spirit. Rip the bandaid off. It will come back. She embraced it and looks beautiful! I was also told not to use cold caps by here Oncologist because she felt like it didn’t work well and was not worth the money. But note, she did not try it.

Nourishing the body – Eating well (books below) and taking supplements to keep energy up and weight on is SO important. Luckily my mom did not have a metallic taste or have foods change their flavor profile. I made sure to have a meal train with her family/friends during the week of treatment. This helped A LOT as she did not have energy to cook. I also would prep things like nut butter balls and healthy homemade bars that she could grab for an easy snack.

Living life – We spent as much time as possible with my mom as she lives in California. Having the boys around her really helped lift her spirits. I called her daily to just chat and made sure she was reading, listening to uplifting podcasts, watching shows she liked, cooking, seeing friends, walking and getting vitamin D.

Helpful Items

ginger drops – nausea

ginger gum – nausea

mint tea – nausea

lozenges – dry mouth

socks – warmth

neck wrap – warmth

robe – warmth

cold therapy socks – inflammation

cold therapy mittens – inflammation

face cream – hydration

body spray – hydration

lip mask – hydration

pre tied head scarf – bald head

lightweight beanie – bald head

CBD/cannabis – appetite and sleep

Detoxification Therapies

lymphatic drainage

dry skin brushing

oil pulling – coconut oil in the mouth

epsom salt baths

castor oil pack therapy


Additional Therapies


hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) – cancer hates oxygen

ozone therapy – cancer cells will self-destruct/boosts immune system/increase blood circulation.

PEMF (blanket) – encourages destruction of cancer cells

Resources – Book, Podcasts & Websites

Eat to Beat Disease

Cancer Fighting Kitchen

The Cancer Revolution

Beat Cancer Kitchen

Ben Greenfield w/ Dr. Li

Chris Beat Cancer

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