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Hello lovelies! As I’ve mentioned on previous posts, I am on a clean, non-toxic living journey. From home products, personal care, skincare and yes even, makeup. I have been trying new non-toxic options for months if not years in some cases, to see what I like the best. I’m finally sharing all of my favorites and can’t wait for y’all to make the switch! There are SO many great options in the market.

If you missed my healthy living post about WHY I’m on this path, check it out here.

When it comes to swapping out items, I always suggest to do it once you run out of something. It can be overwhelming AND pricey, so let’s take it in baby steps!

Below you will see my roundup of my favorites from each makeup category along with the colors that I use for each. Make sure to check out my new Instagram Reel. I’m giving y’all a tutorial of how I apply these products for a full face of clean, non-toxic makeup! YAY!

*If you want to look into these products/ingredients here are the apps I use: Yuka, Think Dirty and EWG.

Powder: ILIA – Translucent

Foundation: Haus Labs – 210 Light Medium Neutral

Concealer: Haus Labs 21 Light Medium Neutral – & Kosas – 4.5

Blush: Saie – Peachy

Bronzer: OGEE – Copper

Eye Shadow: ILIA – Warm Nude

Brow Pencil: Well People – Deep Brown

Brow Gel: Kosas – Clear

Mascara: ILIA – After Midnight

Lip Balms: Well People & Biossance

clean beauty non toxic makeup favorites
clean beauty non toxic makeup favorites

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    • I’m not a fan of sunscreen but if I wear it, I use non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen. I like the Altitude brand.