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Hi there! Now that I’ve shared my clean, non-toxic makeup favorites, let’s chat skincare. Since moving into solely using clean beauty last year, I’ve discovered many great products that are safe AND effective.

I mostly use two apps to look up skincare, personal care and makeup product safety & ingredients: Yuka and EWG apps. I’ve found these are the most strict when it comes to assessing items and are reliable. I’m not an expert in ingredients, even though I’m learning A LOT, and these resources are a great place to start.

Both look at concerns in the following categories: cancer, allergies & immunotoxicity and developmental & reproductive toxicity, and rate the product accordingly. If I’m using it, the product must be low risk for all of the categories. To be transparent both of these resources may rate a product differently based on their own standards. In this case I will dive a bit deeper into the ingredient list and try to understand why.

My favorite products I’m sharing today are all clean, non-toxic skincare based on my research. However I must note formulas change as well as data overtime as research is conducted. If things change or I discover something new, I will always share with y’all.

I’ve compiled my roundup based on items I’ve used for numerous months if not years. You will notice in some cases I have linked a few in a certain categories: i.e. face oils and balms. I LOVE all of them so I’m going to share multiple to give you guys options! Let’s also be clear that everyone’s skin is different. This means you need to find what works for you!

Over the past 7 years, I have learned I must be my own advocate when it comes to my health and wellness. I invite you to do the same! Question things if they don’t feel right and follow your intuition. Just because someone says it is “good” for us, doesn’t mean it is. Stay curious!

When it comes to my skincare routine, I’ve really simplified it. Here’s what I do in the following order…

Morning: cleanse, vitamin c, hyaluronic serum, eye cream, face oil.

Night: double cleanse – cleanser + micellar water, exfoliating serum (3 times a week), oil and/or balm.

I use the hydration spray to set makeup and the charcoal mask at least once a week. I’ve also shared my favorite lip balm that I use throughout the day!

See below for my skincare favorites! The collage is clickable and will take you right to the product page.

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clean beauty non-toxic skincare favorites
clean beauty non-toxic skincare favorites

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