RV Travel with a Baby + Packing Checklist

30 09

RV Travel with a Baby Details

Hey guys! I wanted to take the time today to discuss how we travel with Ford in our RV. I received a lot of questions on Insta so I wanted to answer them here, AND give you a packing checklist of all of the items you will need with a little one. If you missed my first post about our AIRSTREAM – check it out here!

When Luke and I got an RV this summer we had NO idea what we were doing and all the things that went into taking Fordy with us. BUT… we learned! So for all of you newbies out there, let me help you! I have the longest list in history for everything we take camping. When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you want to make sure you didn’t forget anything. This is why lists are SO important prior to hitting the road.

Baby Packing Checklist

Bathroom: diapers, swim diapers, diaper cream, diaper trash bags, baby wipe, travel diaper bag

Eating: high chair, bib, plate, spoon & cup, bottles, bottle cleaner, formula, burp cloths

Play: hiking pack, stroller, toys, bouncer seat, foldable play pen, life jacket

Bath Time: portable bath tub, soap, rubber duck, bath towel

Clothing: onesies, layered clothing, jacket, sun hat, beanie, swim trunks

Sleeping: sleep sack, lovey, sound machine, travel crib, baby monitor, extra blanket when hanging outside

Medical: sunscreen, baby Tylenol, baby Benadryl, first aid kit, thermometer, itch cream, teething tabs

RV with a Baby Questions

Did you keep him on a schedule?

YES! Regardless of where we are, I really try to keep him on his eating/sleeping schedule. It ensures he is getting enough food, snoozes and is a happy baby. If it is a travel day, I make sure we are in the truck during mostly naping hours. It makes life easier!

Where does he sleep?

During the day he sleeps in the back where our bedroom is. That way we could shut the “door” and it is fairly dark. At night we set up his travel crib in front of the dining table. It fit perfectly!

What did he sleep in?

He slept in the Nuna SENA Aire Playard. It is great for travel and easy to move as it’s foldable. I made sure I got a smaller sheet for it so it felt like home.

What high chair did you use?

We have the Strokke Clikk high chair. It’s smaller than most and easy to store as the legs pop off. Not to mention, it’s cute too! 🙂

How do you give Ford a bath?

We brought our portable tub that we use at home. We have a warm water hookup on the outside of the airstream so we used that. He enjoyed every minute!

rv travel with a baby

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