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favorite newborn products

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Hi guys! Yes, the day has come and I’m sharing my top 20 newborn products. Ford is 10 weeks old this week so I’ve had time to test all of these out. When you are pregnant and preparing for your first baby, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are SO many things you need and where do you start?! I’m hopeful this post will help alleviate some of the anxiety and stress!

Note, I know there are a TON of products on the market and everyone has their opinion, but these are the things that have worked best for my family. Below I’ve detailed each product, linked everything and created a shop with Ford’s favorite clothes. Please leave a comment on this post if you have any questions.

Top 20 Newborn Products

Boppy Pillow – I can’t live without this lounger. Ford is on it about 80% of the day – either snoozing or playing! I love that it is a bit more upright than the dock-a-tot and better for interacting during the day.

DockATot – People raved about this lounger/sleeper and now, I understand why. It’s a great “docking” station for your babe! The DockATot is perfectly designed so the baby fit comfortably inside. I can literally put him anywhere around the house and I know he’ll be safe. It’s a great space for him to nap in and do diaper changes.

Velcro Swaddle – If you are going to swaddle your babe, velcro is the way to go!! It is safer and let’s be honest, easier. NO user error over here. My favorite brand comes in a set of 3 for only $35.

Onesies – Ok people, let’s talk about newborn clothes!! If they don’t have a zipper and/or magnets… forget about it! Like, seriously! It’s all about easy on/off and access to changing diapers. Yes, I received A LOT of cute sets, over the head outfits and snap onesies… but, ask me how many times I’ve put Ford in them?? Never! You live and you learn! 😉 My favorite onesies are Kickee Pants, Touched by Nature. and Magnetic Me. All are super soft material, that stretches, and easy on/off! I linked all of my favorite outfits that Ford has below.

White Noise Maker – I highly recommend white noise while the baby sleeps. They are used to help mimic the sounds from the womb, and it really helps them to sleep. We have a big one in Ford’s nursery and a portable option we use throughout the house, in the car and when we take him on walks. Both linked below!

Pacifier – If you are going to use a pacifier I love WubbaNubs. The little stuffed animals help to keep it in their mouth. It’s made with a Soothie™ medical grade, latex-free silicone pacifier that is BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.

Diaper Bag – A backpack ALL THE WAY! When you become a mom you need like, a million hands, so going with a backpack is key! I am able to have my hands free to take care of Ford while we go on adventures. I love the one I purchase from Skip Hop. It has all of the right compartments, is super stylish and under $100! No need for a designer tote that is NOT functional – ya feel me?!

Diaper Pail – Get ready new parents… you are going to be changing quite a few diapers and you don’t want the room to smell like POOP! Ya, I said it. I love the pail we went with keeping everything fresh.

Diapers – I had many recommend Pampers Pure diapers and I’m so happy I tried them. They are made without chlorine bleaching, fragrance, lotion, parabens, and EU 26 allergens. Ford is a fan! 🙂

Wipe Warmer – SO many of my friends said a wipe warmer is A-must. In the middle of the night, wiping baby’s bum with a warm wipe helps to keep them more comfortable. Trust me, you’ll be ALL about it. Keeping them asleep is good for the entire family! hehe

Changer – I purchased a normal dresser so I needed to find a topper and changer for baby. I went with the classic gray Keekaroo Peanut Changer. It’s perfect and makes sure Ford is comfortable and doesn’t tumble off!

Burp Cloths – Spit up is a thing and ya better have burp cloths on-hand at ALL times! I’m obsessed with the Green Sprouts muslin option. They are soft, absorbent and 100% organic!

Carrier/Wrap – Having the baby strapped to you is great while you need to get things done around the house or when you’re out and about. I love the MOBY Classic Baby Carrier. The stretchy material allows anyone to wear it and is comfy for baby to sit in. Trust me, they will snooze away!

Stroller – Alright, I found the holy grail of strollers!! I LOVE the UPPA BABY Vista Stroller that comes with a bassinet and toddler seat. It’s so easy to maneuver, cozy for the baby and very light. The shock-absorbing suspension guarantees a smooth, puncture-free ride, while a rain shield, bug shield and extendable UPF 50+ canopy keep little ones comfy in changing conditions. Luke and I have also wheeled it through the snow with no issues!! It is expensive, but worth it!

Car Seat – I take Ford in the car frequently to run into town so having a great car seat is important. The Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna is what we went with. Luke had a very easy time installing it, which is a miracle because he is NOT a handy man! LOL Baby boy is all about his cozy seat as it’s made with merino wool. Once I put him in there, he’s on the sleep train! My two favorite things about it is: [1] I can get him in and out of the car, no problem AND [2] the “snooze shade” provides UPF 50+ sun protection and privacy. Please note; in general car seats are HEAVY, so get ready to work on your arm strength! If you’re wanting to pop your car seat into the UPPA BABY stroller I talked about above, there is an adapter for it – linked here.

Cover – The Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss Multi-Use Cover can be used for a breathable full-coverage nursing cover, a universal car seat/stroller cover that provides protection and shade or a shopping cart cover that safeguards baby from germs. I’ve used it over my UPPA BABY stroller to keep in the heat while Ford and I are on our winter walks. It’s perfect!

Swing – The MamaRoo infant seat bounces up and down, and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their baby. Select from five unique motions, four built-in sounds, and five speeds.  The seat reclines to multiple positions to allow baby to lie back and relax, or sit up and play. Ford loves to go into his seat during play time!

Play Mat – This Monochrome Stripe & Cross Reversible Play Mat is one of my favorite products. I can move this mat anywhere around the house for baby boy to play on. It’s soft, great for reclining, creative play, tummy time and creates a space just for him!

Gym – Just like us, baby’s need gym time too! LOL 😉 My favorite activity gym is from Clover & Birch. I of course love the modern, neutral design, BUT it is also a great product to work on hand eye coordination. Ford LOVES it!

Breast Pump – If you plan to pump, I highly recommend the Medela Freestyle. I fed Ford solely from my breast for the first 8 weeks and then decided to give my pump a try. I found I needed a bit of relief to work, workout, sleep, etc. It became EXTREMELY helpful for me to pump one to two times a day so Luke could give him a bottle. I would also recommend the hands-free bra so you can do things while you pump and the freezer storage bags.

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favorite newborn products

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