Blushing for Overalls

08 06

blush overalls


Last Month I tagged along with Luke (my husband) on a work trip to the mid-west.  If y’all don’t know, I grew up in Kansas, so it was basically like going back home 🙂  During our road trip we ventured to Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio.  Our first stop… Lake Geneva, WI.  Driving from the Chicago airport to Wisconsin looked similar to home – rolling hills of farm land, barns, quaint small towns and beautiful skies.  I LOVED it!  When we arrived at Lake Geneva I was blown away.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  I found THE cutest historic hotel I’ve ever stayed at… ya, in Wisconsin!!  Can you believe it?!

I did a little researched before we left LA, and had my fingers crossed all my mid-west dreams would come true.  Well… it sure did!  We stayed at Maxwell Mansion, which felt like I was transported back to the 20’s.  I mean it has a speakeasy in the basement… like, a legit one!  This hotel mixes century-old charm with modern sophistication.  Our room was located in the remodeled stables.  It had it’s own sitting room, barn doors to enter the bedroom, a copper soaking tub, heated floors, a steam shower, a farmhouse sink, a beautiful chandelier in the bedroom and let’s not forget THE most comfortable bed.  I can not say enough good things about this property – it was a hidden GEM and an incredible experience.

Needless to say OVERALLS were packed in my bag… I mean, I was going to the mid-west!  AND not just any ‘ole denim overalls, BLUSH beauties!!  I found them at Forever 21 and if y’all know me, this is the color palette of my life.  I definitely needed these pink overalls!  Not only are they cute but SO comfortable!  They were perfect for long hours in the car.  I paired these pink beauties with a criss-cross bodysuit, embellished jacket (25% off), straw bag and last but certainly NOT least, my blush sneakers!  I kept the outfit simple with classic items but mixed in different textures.  Don’t be afraid to have a lil’ fun with your wardrobe ladies! Check out all of the shopping links above.

blush overalls_sbk_1blush overallsblush overallsblush overalls


blush overallsblush overallsblush overallsblush overalls

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