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16 08

cart three ways beauty office bar

Gold Cart Details

I can not express to y’all my excitement when I found this gold lil’ beauty last week!  For those of you that follow along on my Instagram Story, you probably are aware 😉  I like, freaked out!  This is such a gem – a great deal AND the best lil’ organization station!  I found her at World Market and the best news is, she’s under $100!

Here, I’v shown you how to use this baby in three different ways around your home – office, bar and vanity/bathroom.  Ya, I know it’s just a cart BUT like, it’s GOLD and can look super chic… trust me, take a look at how I styled it!  Not only is this a super cute decor for your casa BUT it’s also very functional!! Check, check!  Below I’ve posted some more carts I found at budget-friendly prices. Deals on deals, boos!

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing ALL of the details from each room – Office Cart, Mini Bar Cart and Vanity Cart… stay tuned!

Top Cart Picks

Office Space Cart

Use this gold beauty to organize your office supplies, tech gadgets and paper supplies (cards, notepads, etc.).  I LOVE the cart rather than a big clunky set of drawers.  It helps you keep everything clean, organized and I can see everything I have so I actually use it.  Check, check!

gold cart office space
gold cart office space
gold cart office space

Bar Cart

Have a small space in your home?  Create a fun bar cart.  Add your favorite liquors, glasses, bar tools and let’s not forget BLOOMS.  You gotta make it pretty, amiright?!  🙂

gold cart mini bar cart
mini bar cart
gold cart mini bar cart

Beauty Cart

I’ve been looking for a cart that would fit my very SMALL space next to my vanity.  GOOD news, I flipped this gold beauty vertical and viola, she slid right in!  I made the first shelf pretty with roses, perfumes, brushes, etc.  On the second row I used small bowls to organize q-tips, cotton pads and towels.  It’s nice to have these handy when I’m doing my makeup.  Lastly I used a long wicker basket to place my straightener, hair brush and hair spray in as well as a small bowl for hair ties.  Everything has it’s place – YAY!!

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing each cart in details.  Get your cart ready for some major organizing and styling!  Stay tuned…

gold cart beauty supplies
gold cart vanity setup
gold cart vanity setup


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