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pantry organization

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Hey, guys! I’m currently visiting California and let me tell you, I’m one happy lady! The sun is shining, it’s 75 degrees and flowers are blooming! Bye, bye winter. 😉

It’s mid march and I’d say Spring is starting to pop up in a lot of places. I’ve shared on my Instagram and in previous posts, that this time of year means cleaning and organization in my house! It’s THE best time to go through those drawers and spaces you’ve been putting off. You feel me?? Let’s find a place for all the things in your home and today, let’s discuss the PANTRY. Trust me, once y’all organize, you will feel SO much better!

First things first, babes… your organizers must be cute AND functional! May I repeat, CUTE and FUNCTIONAL! 😉 I’m NOT going to let you boos use hideous organizers for your space. Trust me, I’ve got you covered! 😉 hehe

Since moving into my new home I’ve hunted for THE best organizers for my pantry goodies – snacks, baking supplies, water bottles and more. GOOD news babes, I have found many amazing budg-friendly organizers to get your space right and tight! My ALL-TIME favorite addition to my new pantry are the glass jars / labels combo. The containers not only help to keep my food lasting longer with air tight lids, but I can also easily see everything I have, thus using it more! The glass jars come in all different sizes but I prefer 1 and 2 liter containers. I found an amazing vendor on Etsy to make my custom labels. You provide them with the color, size, font and words you would like – it’s SO easy! For reference my labels are 10cm, black and font four.

A great organizer for chips, popcorn, crackers and basically all your snacks are simple rectangular white baskets. I found a set of these on Amazon – check them out here! They are THE perfect size to fit all your nom noms – see my pics 🙂 I also used v v cute farmhouse white baskets to organize my baking goods. I placed them a few shelves up as I don’t use this food regularly. When I do bake, I pull down the basket filled with all of my chocolate chips, baking soda, sugars, etc. Love it! See below to shop all of my pantry organizer and take a look at the images for a better understanding of how I utilized each one.

If you’re interested in my overall farmhouse pantry design and decor items check out my blog post here! I share all of the deets: finishes, hardware, tile, paint, decor and more. As always, leave a comment with any questions you may have.

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pantry organization
pantry organization

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