Well Hello There

25 04

well hello there door matdoor mats styled by kaseydoor mats styled by kasey


Well hello there, ladies and gents!!  If you know me you know I LOVE a door mat.  My actual first post on Styled By Kasey was a view from the top image of my feet and a door mat… ya, it’s kind of my thing! 🙂

I have loved finding some gems over the years, especially some seasonal beauties!  I tend to change  out my door mat every month… and no, that’s not to much! haha 🙂 I totally support a door mat change, like I do a costume change – the more, the better.  Depending on the day I’m having and the mood I’m in, I may even swap it out!  A door mat is the first decor item someone will see when they walk up to your home – why not have a little fun with it?  I’ve linked all of my babies above as well as posted some more fun options below.  If you don’t have a door mat, you need one in your life!  Trust me, it will make walking in and out of your casa just a lil’ bit better! 🙂


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