Europe + Doors

21 08


If you don’t know anything about me… first things first, I am a travel bug!  I love to explore new places and have the most spontaneous husband, so I have learned to always be prepared for an adventure!  Over the years my obsession for doors and floors have grown so needless to say, when I was in Europe this summer, I found some real beauties!  Aren’t all of these DOORS amazing!?  It actually became a joke amongst our friends we traveled with (you know who you are).  Literally every door we came across, I would be asked if I wanted to take a picture with it 🙂  I mean if I had the time, I probably would have! Below are the deets on each door’s location.  Happy summer travels!

Pink – Trevor Square, London

Cobalt Blue –Les Invalides, Paris

Dark Green – Fire Station, Paris

Bright Red – Kensington, London

Green Lion Head – Ambassade d’Espagne, Paris

Black & White – Theater District, London

Turquoise – 7th Arrondissement, Paris

Yellow – Trevor Square, London

Brown and Iron – American Cathedral, Paris

Burgundy – Kensington, London

Turquoise & Crosses – Piazza Duomo, Amalfi

Wooden – Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

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