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08 05

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I’m always on the hunt for a great weekend travel bag for my beauty essentials.  Well ladies, I’ve found it!  The Jessie Georgina cosmetic bag mixes function and fashion.  It perfectly organizes all of my cosmetic essentials.  My favorite detail is the bottom zip section, perfect for my makeup brushes and odd shaped items like perfume.  I’m a little bit of a neat freak so organization is key when traveling!  Oh and did I mention it’s 20% off (deets below)!  Yay!  Now for my beauty essentials! Everything I’ve pictured above are my everyday go-to items and a must when I’m traveling.  Below you will find all my faves and a little bit about each one.  Enjoy, beauties!

Jessie Georgina: Cosmetic & Toiletry Bag – This bag is EVERYTHING!  It perfectly organizes all of my cosmetic essentials. The top specialized pockets make finding everything quick and easy; separate bottom storage for housing bulkier items such as powders and make-up brushes.  Exclusive 20% off discount! Use promo code SBK20 at checkout, good through June 12th!

Urban Decay: Naked 3 Eyeshadow – This is the perfect pallet to take with me when I travel so I have numerous shades to pick from.  A girl always needs options!  Also I’m a bit obsessed with the blush hues which are perfect for spring and summer.

Nars: Blush & Bronzer Duo – This combo has been a favorite of mine for many years!  The blush has a bit of shimmer giving you a summer glow.  Alongside the blush is a classic bronzer to contour your check bones to get a bit of the “Kardashian” look!

Laura Mercier:  Tinted Illumination Moisturizer – This is my #1 go-to beauty essential.  If I didn’t have this I just don’t know what I’d do with myself 😉  I love a tinted moisturized and especially one that is illuminating, giving my skin that J.Lo glow!  I wear this everyday for medium coverage and sun protection as it has SPF20 in it.  Done and done!

Buxom: Lip Gloss – My lips always need a little gloss and buxom has about every shade you can image… yay!   Finding a match for your skin tone is a piece of cake.  This is my favorite lip gloss I’ve ever tried and that’s saying a lot as I’m pretty much a gloss whore… hehe.  xx

Dior: Airflash Foundation – I use this when I want more coverage than just my tinted moisturizer.  It feels very light weight and evens out my skin, making everything look smooth and glowing.

Cle de Peau Beaute: Concealer – This is hands down the best concealer I’ve ever used and I’ve tried A LOT!  I tend to be puffy under my eyes and this concealer helps eliminate bags and fine lines, while feeling light and bright.

Moroccan Oil: Hair Treatment – I put this on my long locks at least a few times a week, especially on the ends where my hair tends to be dryer.  It also smells amazing which is an extra bonus!

Kate Summerville: Exfoliating Treatment – I just discovered this product a few months ago when given a sample at Sephora.  I didn’t realize how much I needed to exfoliate my skin until I started using it.  After a few weeks I noticed my skin was smoother and brighter.  Who wouldn’t want that?! YES!

Dior: Fluid Stick – This looks darker than it actually is.  The fluid stick is super moisturizing.  I love using this to give my pout a little bit of color while hydrating at the same time.  Boom!

Benefit: Under Eye Puff Off – I sometimes tend to have puffy eyes… ok, like every day 😉  I am always on the hunt for de-puffing magic concoctions and I finally found it!  When I wake up in the morning I put it on to calm my poor little puffs!  It helps hydrate, de-puff and my concealer goes on smoother.

bareMinerals: Lash Domination Mascara – I just received this gem at an amazing conference I attended last month, Create and Cultivate.  I am usually pretty picky with my mascaras but once I saw the brush I knew I would love it!  I like natural looking lashes, not clumpy, so if you’re like me, this is for you!

Yves Saint Laurent: Glossy Balm – Yes, this looks like a basic lip stick… but it’s not.  It is the best hydrating balm, while giving your lips just a bit of color.  Don’t be deceived, the color looks much darker than the end result.  It’s a great every day lip option to carry in your handbag.

Sephora: Makeup Brushes – I’ve used Sephora brushes for years and love the quality.  You do need to remember to wash your brushes at least once a week. Very important!  This will help smoother makeup application and less breakouts.

Chanel: Chance Perfume – This has literally been my scent since I was 15.  I know it’s crazy but I’m am very picky when it comes to smells as I get headaches easily.  Once you find something that smells good on you, stick to it!


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