Flawless Skin Using 3 Products + Video Tutorial

09 01
flawless skin

Flawless Skin Details

Happy humpday babes!  Who’s ready to get flawless skin?  YAS please!

If y’all haven’t figured out via my Instagram, I am deeply passionate about skincare and beauty.  I have been on a long journey of getting my skin clear.  I never struggled with acne, redness and dark spots when I was younger, but once I hit my mid 20’s, my face freaked out… like, it was horrible.  Sometimes it was so bad I didn’t even want to leave the house.  Have y’all been there??  As I began my journey with my skin, I also started a deep dive into makeup products, and finding things that worked for me.  Years later, and after trying a bajillion different things, I finally found some real stand outs!!

Today, I wanted to share my top fave THREE gems to achieve a natural flawless look!  If you’ve taken a gander at my pics above, you can SEE what magic a little bit of makeup can do.  Note, there is no filter or editing to these pictures.  I wanted y’all to see my skin in natural light.  Below I’m explaining each product in detail.

Make sure to check out VIDEO tutorial below as I show y’all how I apply in a short lil’ tutorial.  I am also doing an Instagram LIVE makeup tutorial tonight at 6PM PST.  Tune in to see me use these products as well as my other fave everyday makeup picks!

As always, leave a comment with any questions y’all may have.

Shop 3 Faves

[1] CC Cream – Oh Lune and Aster CC Cream, how I love thee!  But like really, it’s magical AF!  I discovered this gem of a product 3 years ago and legit, ever since I put her on my face, I was hooked!  This cc cream evens out skin tone with its perfect tint, gives your skin a dewy glow and protects with SPF 50 all at the same time.  A lot of days if I don’t want to wear makeup, I wear just this.  Check out my IGTV for a look at the skin transformation. After my skincare routine is complete: serum, moisturize and SPF; I apply a dime size of cc cream with my hands.  Make sure to wash your hands after due to the tint.

Color: medium

[2] Foundation – If you’re looking for a bit more coverage than just a tinted cc cream, you’re going to want to try my fave everyday foundation.  I love Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.  It feels light on the skin and makes your face glow, giving you a filtered look.  There must be a little magic in this product too 😉  After applying the cc cream, apply 1-2 pumps of foundation with my beauty blender.

Color:  5.5

[3] Concealer – I have 3 concealers I currently love.  I’m using Tarte’s Creasless gem today as it has my favorite texture.  It is super hydrating, medium coverage and has an array of colors to select from for your skin tone.  I apply the concealer under my eyes to brighten and highlight in the following areas: middle of forehead, along the middle of the nose, above the lip, and below the lip in the middle of the chin.  Blend with beauty blender. Remember ladies, a little goes a LONG way.  Check out my video tutorial on my IGTV for a closer look.

Color: light-med sand

flawless skin

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