Affordable Outdoor Accent Furniture & Decor Finds \ 2021

07 03

Outdoor Accent Furniture & Decor Details

Coming at ya today with another outdoor post as I found SO many great deals! My first being, Affordable Outdoor Furniture Finds \ 2021 – linked here. On this post I am rounding up accent furniture (rugs, fire pits and umbrellas) and decor (lighting and pillows). Since warmer weather is coming our way, it’s time to refresh our outdoor living spaces! It a great opportunity to bring our interior home design outside. Have fun with it!

Above you will find my picks in the collage – it’s clickable! OR below I’ve rounded up shops so it’s easy for y’all to navigate. Leave a comment on the post with any questions you have.

It’s time for me to go shopping too! I need to figure out how I want to style our decks… I’ll share my setup soon!

Fire Pits & Lighting




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