Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

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Y’all, get ready for the yummiest healthy salad recipe! This is my-to vegetarian dinner that I make at least once it week. It is packed full of vegetables and major flavor! The added quinoa makes for an extra protein and filling salad.

If you’re feeling like you want extra protein, I suggest adding salmon or grilled chicken. It’s a great addition! See below for the list of ingredients and steps to make this meal.


{Serves 4}

4 cups of arugula

1/2 cup of halved olives (I prefer black)

1/2 cup of rinsed garbanzo beans

1/2 cup of halved cherry tomatoes

1/2 cup of chopped english cucumbers

1/2 cup of crumbled feta chese

1/2 cup of chopped artichoke hearts (I prefer in oil options)

1 cubbed avocado

1/2 cup of cooked quinoa

lemon dressing – recipe linked here


[1] Place the arugula in the bottom of a large salad bowl evenly.

[2] Cook quinoa.

[3] While quinoa is steaming, make the lemon dressing – recipe here

[4] Top the arugula with the following ingredients: olives, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, artichoke hearts, avocado and quinoa. I place in a horizontal fashion – see image below. I like it for presentation! 🙂

[5] Drizzle desired amount of lemon dressing on top and toss. Enjoy!

med quinoa salad
med quinoa salad

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  1. I know I am the odd one when I tell you that I don’t eat artichokes or cucumbers but I was wondering if you had two helpful suggestions for two substitutes that would be equally as yummy in your amazing salad.

  2. Kasey! This is so yummy good! I’ve been making your lemon garlic dressing for a while now (which I love) and just made this salad and it’s so healthy and hearty. I’m going to make out for the in-laws when they visit! Thank you!