Baby No. 2 Maternity Pictures + Dress Ideas

06 04

Maternity Photo Shoot Details

Hey there, guys! After taking a few weeks off, I’m back with a fun family post. I wanted to share baby no 2 maternity pictures we took last month. Our photographer, Amanda, does such a wonderful job and she’s captured our growing family over the past 3 years. I almost did not have maternity pics taken this time around BUT so glad I did. This pregnancy has flown by and doesn’t consume every thought as I have Ford to tend too. However, I’ve found it important to create space for the new baby, and these photos are one of the things I’m thankful for.

I opted for a country glam look this go around. I found this stunning navy blue velvet dress (on sale!) first and styled the whole fam around it. I thought it would pop with our snowy background, and it sure did! This dress is not maternity but empire waist and knew it would work with the bump. I just sized up! Below I’m rounding up our family outfits along with some neutral and color dress ideas for you mamas-to-be. I know it can be hard to feel “pretty” during pregnancy however these dresses are sure to make you feel your best! Growing a human is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experience and I’m grateful I get to do it again. We are so excited for baby boy no. 2!!

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Neutral Dress Ideas

Color Dress Ideas

maternity photo shoot
maternity photo shoot
maternity photo shoot
maternity photo shoot

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  1. Hi there, how are you? I wanted to ask what size your maternity shoot dress was, and if it is a 2 or a 4, if you would be interested in selling it? I have looked everywhere for one and they don’t seem to exist anymore!! No worries if you aren’t interested, but it was worth just checking just incase. Thanks so much :). Beau