Pregnancy No. 2 Maternity Must-Haves

07 04

Pregnancy No. 2 Maternity Must-Have Details

Hey oh, pregnant mamas! This post is for YOU! I’m in the home stretch of my second pregnancy so I’ve tried a lot of maternity fashions, skincare, supplements, etc. Today I wanted to round up my must-haves that I know y’all will love too! I broke it into three categories: clothing, skin/beauty and nighttime goodies. Click on the above collage as it is all linked!

Many of the fashion items I love are great deals, i.e. my favorite H&M maternity denim under $50! Other staple items like leggings, nursing bras (use postpartum as well) and robes are worth the moolah! I live in these items. Comfort is key, ladies!!

Since getting pregnant with Ford I’ve tried AND learned a lot about safe skincare while carrying a little one. I’ve tried a MILLION products and today’s roundup are my standout items. Don’t forget about your entire bod during pregnancy, babes. I highly recommend skin brushing, the coconut body polish and of course, belly oil!

Lastly I wanted to add many of the items I use/consume in the evening. First being my pillows, which is SO important during this time as it can be difficult to sleep. I highly recommend this silk and pregnancy pillows! Each night I have peppermint tea, a sweet treat and water with an electrolyte powerpak. These are all SO satisfying! Much needed!

Below I’ve rounded up my three categories into shops for y’all! If you’re reading this and pregnant, YOU GOT THIS!! Leave a comment with any questions you have.

Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy Skin/Beauty Items

Pregnancy Nighttime Items

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  1. Hi Kasey,

    How do you use the mend skin brushing and the coconut body polish? Just got it but curious.

    • Hi Lisa! I use the skin brush after I get out of the shower on clean skin. I brush from my feet towards my heart. The coconut body polish is an exfoliator I use in the shower a few times a week!