Galentine’s Day Party!

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galentines day party

Galentine’s Day Party Details

It’s that time of year, boos… February is ONE day away and that means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  If you follow along with me on Instagram, you’ve seen a sneak peek at my V-day content.  Today I’m sharing a mega GALENTINE’S DAY party with y’all.  V-day is not only about celebrating the special someone in your life BUT all of your besties too!  Turn your February girls night into a fun Gal-inspired bash!  For those of you that are not fans of Valentine’s Day, you may change your mind after seeing this post 😉  It’s time to celebrate everyone you LOVE this February!

I’ve had a Galentine’s Day parties for the last 3 years so needless to say, I’ve accumulated decorations over the years.  A few new items I’ve added this year are the flower garlands.  I put one over my bar, one above my floor mirror (see below) and used the small flowers for a V-day DIY (see bottom of post).  I’m in LOVE with the new additions as it adds a garden/romantic feel.  The best part is, I found these beauties on Amazon for a great price – $13/ for 2!!  Y’all know I love a good deal, and when it comes to holiday decorations, there are great options for less!   An item I use ALL THE TIME for different holidays, dinner parties and events is my Felt Letter Board.  It’s a great way to display a message that’s fun and cute!  I used mine to say “Happy Galentine’s Day” w/ a hashtag.  Not only can you use it for numerous events, spelling out whatever your heart desires BUT it’s only $20!  YAY!

Lastly, the one thing you can’t forget this Galentine’s day is the actual Valentine (gift/favor)!!  Not to brag, but I have found THE cutest lil’ gifties.  Pictured in my post is one of my favorites – ‘You’re My Ride or Die’ coffee mug.  It’s $13.99 and a cute favor to give to your ladies.  I put a sweetheart candy box (obvi) and cute lil’ lip socks inside to complete the Valentine! Bing. Bang. Boom!

See below to SHOP my favorite Galentine’s Day decor items – signs, garlands, favors.  Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see my fun and easy L-O-V-E DIY sign and steps on how to make it.

Later this week and next I’ll be sharing fancy and casual Valentine’s Day looks-for-less, a bubbly bar and gift guide!!  Trust me ladies, I’ve got you covered.

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Favors (Valentine)

galentines day party
galentines day party
galentines day party
galentines day party
galentines day party
galentines day party
galentines day party
galentines day party
galentines day party

L-O-V-E DIY Supplies

This DIY turned out SO good!  It was super easy and not to toot my own horn boos, BUT it looks very chic!!  If you want to see an up close video, make sure to check out my Instagram Highlight Story, ‘V-Day’ (visible on app).  Not only is this a great DIY for Valentine’s Day decor but it could be used for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday and/or wedding.  Spell out whatever you want in the flowers of your choice.  SO fun!


1. Collect your supplies: 4 picture frames, 1 flower garland, scissors, hot glue gun, glue, white paper

2. Cut small flowers off of garland and place in a pile

3. Take your frames and place a white piece of paper inside to fit (4×6″)

4. Place flowers on paper inside frames – spell out L – O – V – E.  One letter per frame

5. Turn on your hot glue gun

6. Put a dot of glue on the back of a single flower and press onto white paper immediately (hot glue drys fast!)

7. Repeat step 6 to spell out each letter

8. Let dry

9. Stand up frames and place your sign in your home – Viola, you’ve done it!!

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