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31 01

valentines day gifts

I’m SO excited to share my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts with y’all!!  I’ve always been a fan of the holiday that celebrates LOVE and not because it’s about receiving ‘things’ but little notes and sweets.  Remember when you use to go to school with your decorated box and valentines??  I mean, how fun was that!?  My Valentine box was probably one of the first DIY’s I ever did… and so my LOVE for creating things began 🙂  I know I’m 31 BUT why can’t we still do this?! 😉 LOL!

On February 14th I celebrate not only the special someone in my life (my hubs, Luke) BUT I find it’s a great opportunity to let ALL of the important people in my life, know how much they mean to me.  I do this with a note and perhaps a little special something.

I LOVE to give gifts… I’m just one of those people that would rather give than receive.  I like to be creative, search for something special and make it personal!  Needless to say I’ve spent countless hours on Etsy, finding THE perfect presents over the years.  One of my all time favorites for my friends is THE ‘Carrie’ Bradshaw name necklace.  Every lady NEEDS one and I found the best vendor on Etsy for only $25!!  In the past 6 months alone, I’ve had at least 5 made for friends!  In general, my favorite gifts for gals are: graphic coffee mugs, socks and pjs.  Basically anything cozy, I’m ALL about!

If you’re wanting to give the man in your life a little hint, hint… SEND him this blog post 😉

Below I’ve curated my favorite gems under $100!

Valentine’s Day Gifts || Under $100

Galentine’s Day Gifts || Under $50

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