20 Wellness Ideas for the New Year + I’m taking a month long break

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Happy almost New Year, y’all! I’m very much looking forward to 2022 and especially January as I’ve decided to take a month break from Instagram and SBKLiving.com. I’ve spoken about this on my story but I wanted to address it here as well.

There are many reasons I’ve decided to take the month off. Overall I haven’t been feeling my best mentally/physically. I am 7 months postpartum, so I’m aware hormones are definitely playing a role. I’ve been fatigued, had low energy and my anxiety is pretty high most days. SO I want to take a step back, focus on my own wellness journey and create space to do so. Being an influencer, I have felt I needed to be “ON” 24/7 but I’m realizing that’s not what it’s about. Healthy boundaries are key in all parts of life including work.

I’m viewing January as a time to reset, take care of myself, spend time with my family, focus on the design for our new home and explore some ideas I’ve had for SBK. As I move forward I want to be intentional with the content I share in the hopes to add value to all of you!

Today’s post is a list of simple and easy ideas to start to incorporate into your daily life to help with your overall wellness. And by wellness, I mean mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. In my experience it’s little items from each bucket that help me be the best version of myself. When I am mindful of this and show up for myself, I can in-turn, show up for my family, friends and work in a more productive, joyful way.

I currently do many of the items on my list but I have just started a few new ones. Again these are meant to be attainable and not overwhelming. I began mediating a month ago, just 10 minutes, and it’s brought my anxiety down and helped me tune into myself. I encourage y’all to try some of my ideas out and see how you feel! No one knows what you need more than you do! SLOW down and make yourself a priority.

I have no expectation of what my break “should” look like. A day at a time. I will be back in February and will most likely do a blog post about my experience… we will see. If you are feeling like you need a break from social media or something in particular that’s not serving you at the moment, I encourage you to take it.

Sending much love your way! xx

20 Wellness Ideas for the New Year

[1] Journaling – I have this one: In Courage

[2] Daily meditation – I use the Calm app for a guided 10 minute meditation. I try to do this every morning before the kids wake up. Don’t feel like you need to do an hour, start small. I had someone say, if you don’t have 10 minutes for yourself, you need to reevaluate why.

[3] Turn OFF your phone notifications – This is something I implemented years ago. It’s helped me stay OFF of my phone throughout the day and focus on what I’m doing.

[4] Read affirmation books – I love these three: Words from a Wanderer, The Daily Laws & Simple Abundance

[5] Take Athletic Greens daily supplement – Get all of your vitamins/supplements in one drink. I do this in the morning. It’s expensive however worth every penny. It’s your health!

[6] Clean out who you follow on Instagram – Don’t follow people that aren’t serving you. I think this is important to reaccess every few months.

[7] Drink A LOT of water and get a new bottle – Ya, ya I know everyone says this but actually DO it. If you’re hydrated you will feel better. I’m OBSESSED with this water bottle.

[8] Use a diffuser – I use mine at night and add drops of eucalyptus oil. Smells like spa and is very calming. I have this one.

[9] Steam your face – I do this a few times a week when I want to create an at home spa. It hydrates your skin and is a great thing to do before putting on a mask. I have this one from Vanity Planet.

[10] Ice roll – I do this every morning to de puff and wake up. It’s one of my most favorite things! If you watch my Instagram stories, you know 🙂 I have The Skinny Confidential roller and it’s by far the best one I’ve ever used. I love the weight of it AND it stays cold foreverrrrrr.

[11] Listen to podcasts that add value to your life – Here are a few of my favorites: The Skinny Confidential, The Wellness Mama, Meaning Full Living, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Breaking Beauty & Armchair Expert  

[12] Wear a cozy robe – Invest in a nice robe. I wear mine when I wake up and do my morning routine and during my self-care skincare sessions. There are a few of my favorites: camel, faux fur and star.

[13] Take an epsom salt bath – I started this when I was pregnant and have continued them after. The minerals relieve stress and remove toxins from the body. I found a massive bag on Amazon here.

[14] Walk walk walk – It’s not rocket science y’all. MOVE YOUR BODY! There are SO many benefits to being active. It is always a great stress reliever. Start with walking! I take the kids all the time. It’s also a great time to listen to a podcast.

[15] Wear a night lip mask – Small little skincare self-care moments are SO important. Don’t forget about your lips. I apply a mask every night and LOVE it. Here’s the one I use: Laneige (vanilla is my fave)

[16] Invest in new activewear – Here’s the deal, if you feel cute and good in your workout clothes, you’ll actually DO it. I suggest getting a new pair of sneakers, leggings and a great bra! Hold your tatas in/up 😉 I love these from Amazon.

[17] Strength train – I started strength training consistently when I got into my 30’s and it’s not only made my so much stronger but changed the shape of my body. It’s my favorite things to do! If you’re like me, I used to be a cardio queen. I’ve now learned I was over stressing my body and in-turn never losing weight. Give strength training a try! I do it at least 3 times a week for 20+ minutes and use the One Peleton app from home. They have so many great classes and my favorite instructors are: Adrian, Robin, Alex, Rebecca, Jess and Hannah.

[18] Take social media breaks – This past year I started taking a day a week off of social media and it has been AMAZING. I look forward to that day to be with my kids and have time to be creative. As I mentioned above, I have felt like I always needed to be “on” as an influencer, but have realized the importance of breaks. Hence me taking and ENTIRE month off. I encourage y’all to give it a try!

[19] Put red light bulbs in your bedroom – Switch out your light bulbs in the lamp next to your bed. Red light is great for the evening to lower cortisol and promotes relaxation. I have these from Amazon.

[20] Sleep – Make rest a priority! I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night… now that my babies are sleeping through the night 😉 I make sure to go to sleep by 9ish because I like to get up early. Having time for myself before the kids get up is very important to me. This is when I meditate, journal, read affirmations, have my lemon water and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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    • I’m not taking a month off of work. I decided to not be on social media and posting on my blog for a month so I can focus on more important things like my mental health and family. You should try it.