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Alright, guys… it’s GO time!! Holiday shopping has officially started this week with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in just a few days. I wanted to start posting my gift guides so y’all have time to shop! Remember, there are a lot more people shopping online this year and shipping is taking longer. Let’s get to it!

Today I’m sharing my favorites in HOME! I broke it into 5 categories to make it easy to navigate: kitchen, splurge-worthy, entertaining, under $50 and cozy. The above collage is all clickable. Hit a product you like and it will take you directly to the product page. I’ve also rounded up shops below – scroll down!

Here are my top five home gifts of 2020 – one from each category…

[1] Always Pan – this is THE gift of the year for the cook in your life. I’ve been using this pan for months now and it is amazing! The Always pan replaces your fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. The design is on point!! AND this weeks it’s $50 OFF at only $95!!

[2] Sonos Move – if you know someone who loves to play music EVERYWHERE, the Sonos Move is the way to go!! Luke loves it so much he just got another one. This speaker is portable and waterproof. We set it outside in the summer, bring it along on picnics and take it with us in Ford’s stroller when we go for walks. The sounds is incredible and it’s easy to pair up with your phone. The Move is currently $100 off at $299!! SO worth it!

[3] Monogram Coaster – these beauties are the perfect gift for the hostess with the mostess. I LOVE personalizing items for people. It makes it extra special! These coasters are white with a pop of metallic gold and only $16! I may have to get these for my bar this year.

[4] Deep Breath Bath Mat – I always have to sneak in a funny graphic! I have many of these mats in my home and when I saw this beaut, I knew I needed to put it on my home gift guide. It’s currently on sale for $34! It’s a fun home item for someone who loves bath time AND needs to chill out 😉

[5] Silk Case/Pillow – my obsession for this pillow is REAL! It’s been on my top 10 home list for going on 3 years. There are SO many benefits to sleeping on silk and I’ve seen it in action! My hair and skin look great and I get better sleep. This is a must-have, ladies!!

Home Giveaway

It’s GIVEAWAY time! I shared with y’all on Instagram that I’d be doing some fun gift giving to you guys during the holidays! Today’s giveaway will be for TWO of you to win a few of my favorite products from my HOME gift guide. The winners will get to pick the item(s) they’d like under $100!! All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what your favorite home gift is this year! Sign up for my newsletter on my home page for an extra entry. Good luck, babes!! You have until Saturday at 12PM MST to enter. I’ll be selecting the winner on Sunday, November 29th.




Under $50


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  1. Crate & Barrel brushed metal frames with either an old photo or a new one taken with your loved one this year. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!


  2. Everything on this guide is great!! My personal favorite is cookware // pillows and blankets. One can never have too many of either!! Love this blog and cannot wait for this giveaway!! ❤️

  3. Your gift guides are so awesome & an obsession!
    Staying home cooking and being cozy!
    I love the Always pan & cozy chunky throw!
    I honestly love everything!! XO

  4. That vacuum! Def have to ask the hubs for that one lol—can’t be constantly plugging in my vacuum in different outlets while holding a newborn 😆

  5. My favorite would have to be the always pan. When the stay at home happened, I had a lot of time cooking new recipes. Would love to try that pan.

  6. Do you have the nespresso? Is it really worth the hype? I usually drink cold coffee at home that I buy from from the store or I go to Starbucks. But I might drink it more if I could make my own lattes that really were lattes and not just coffee and milk lol

  7. Ooo I love the knit blanket and the robe! It’s so hard to find a good warm robe that is cute and functional! 😍😍

  8. I absolutely love all your finds! It’s tough to choose my fav home gift as they are all amazing. But…the robe would be dreamy. Happy holidays!

  9. Seriously you come up with the best gifts and the time you put in to finding like items at different cost points is appreciated. I’ve really been wanting a robe and i love the one you have here – so cozy.

  10. I love the throw, beanbag chair, and nespresso! I tried to order an anthropology mirror, but they don’t ship to my address, probably a good thing 😂. This gift guide is amazing!

  11. It would be a dream to win the Always Pan or the PB bean bag chair! I love all these items but those are my fave!

  12. Thank you for creating these gift guides. Very helpful! I love the antique mirrors you added. I just bought a house this summer and would def need that in my bedroom.

  13. My favorite favorite item are the fawn pillow covers!

    I’ve been eyeing them for quite some time! 😍

  14. I’m loving the Dyson & home decor/ any cozy blankets & pillows ☺️
    I’m in the middle of a kitchen renovation ( yes during the holidays so it’s been super hectic on this side lol ) but we finally just got new couches & I’m excited to make this house super warm and cozy!

    Your home has been such an inspiration 🤎

  15. Loving the guide and the variety of price points. This year, would love the coffee maker! Working from home, spending way too much on Starbucks.. my husband would agree!

  16. Love all things cozy, the knitted blanket and yummy candle is the perfect cozy gift, throw in a comfy lounge set to complete it!

  17. Decisions, decisions…I can’t make a decision. The primrose mirror or the Dyson vacuum stick. That’s for the great gift guides this year!!!

  18. Love this gift guide!! The pizza oven is probably my fav!! How awesome is that thing?! Would be a great gift idea to surprise my husband with for sure 🙌🏼

  19. i love the faux fur robe and have been dying to try it for years! love this gift guide and totally trust your opinion on products Kasey 🙂

  20. Love all your picks! You have such great taste! I would say the deer pillow is my fave or the always pan!! 😍😍

  21. So hard to pick just ONE thing , I love all your guides .. especially love the baguette monogram necklace and agate coasters and hooded robe🤗🤗👏🏼When will you be doing another closet clean out giveaway ???🤗🤗

  22. Thanks for the awesome gift roundup!! My family loves music and dancing so that Sonos speaker would be perfect 🎶

  23. You always look the coziest yet glam-est in the robe – so I have to say that is probably my favorite. Love a good comfy outfit!

  24. You always look the coziest in the robe – so I have to say that is probably my favorite. Love a good comfy outfit!

  25. Can I say all of them?! Haha! I’m really intrigued by the Always Pan and the Nexpresso Machine (cuz let’s face it…coffee is life when you have a crazy energetic two year old boy). 🙂

  26. Oh that pizza oven for sure! That would be a dream, but more realistically the faux fur robe:) love all these things🤍

  27. The Sonos speaker!! That would be great to have while enjoying our fire pit in the winter. Loving all of the gift ideas! Thank youu

  28. What a great gift guide loved all the items but my favorite has to be the Dyson Vacuum. I have always wanted one but it is so expensive I can’t bring myself to get one. Happy Holidays

  29. We love the Sonos Move and system too! Definitely have a speaker in every room of our house 🏡💃🏻🕺🏼🎶. Definitely would love to try the Always Pan and have always wanted a Pottery Barn Robe in my life🛀🏻🙌🏻🤍🤍🤍

  30. Wow 🤩 Everything is Soo Amazing! We have the move and Sonos system in every room of our house 🏡 too 🤙🏻🙌🏻💃🏻🕺🏼. Love the Always Pan 🍳. And my word, the Newport Lounger is what I’m looking for for my kiddos✔️💙👩🏻👦🏼🧒🏼👨🏻‍🚒👩🏻‍⚕️.

  31. Omg I love all the home gift ideas seriously. I would love a set of the Eve Coupe Cocktail glasses, it’ll look perfect on my bar cart. I own the Our place pan and I love it! I bought one for my friend as a Christmas gift since she just bought a new home in AZ.

  32. So many good choices! You always have the best recs so I’m not surprised. If I had to choose one, I’d have to pick the anthro mirror. Everyone has gold but I love your black one. It gives a whole different vibe! 🔥

  33. Love the gift guide. I love the silk pillow
    and pillow case because it’s typically something I would put off buying myself, but would be so pumped if I got it for a gift.
    Who doesn’t want better sleep.

  34. First of all, being following for some time and enjoy seeing your family grow, your home decor and how hilarious you “Janet” and “Larry” are. I love what your page is about and how real you are. My favorite gusts are the wine opener and the deer pillow cases 👌🏼❤️. Keep up all the fun and real contests you keep providing us with. Happy Holidays from Texas!

  35. The antelope pillow covers in your living room were the first place that I’d seen the antelope print. I am in love with that print now! I decided to go that route for a decor change in our bedroom. I recently visited your blog to check out your favorite pillow inserts and to find the link to the covers. Of course those were added to my Christmas list. Happy Holidays!

  36. So many good things! Love your style! The pizza oven is on my husbands Christmas list! I’ll take all the cozy pillows, blankets and robes!

  37. Alll about the cozy this year! I’m due with my first baby (boy!) 12/7 and can’t have enough cozy essentials…robe life, throws, PJs, all of it…getting ready for baby & winter!

  38. Love the gifts!! Hubs and I just bought a house that’s all hard wood floors so we are overly excited about rugs and that’s our favorite gift this year LOL you know you’re getting old when…

  39. How can I pick just one?? Best gift guides this year! I’d love the Anthro mirror. i’ve been eyeing it forever. I also would love the big chunky blanket. Maybe I could just print out the gift guide and leave it in my husbands closet by accident. Lol

  40. Thanks for these… they are great! 🙌🏼 Being a mom of 2 beautiful girls this mamma picks the always pan and the cozy robe of course 🙂

  41. I love this gift guide! I just finished renovating my home and I love the always pan. I actually think I might get the electric kettle because that is one thing I do not have! Thanks for all the hard work making these guides, super helpful!

  42. First of all I love that it’s organized into categories and second that there is a range of items and prices! But lastly I’m loving the chunky knit blanket from Home Depot, staying home this year has encouraged me to buy all the cozy things for the home to make it comfortable!

  43. I am gifting anything personalized this year, but really loving fancy personalized calendars! Looking forward to 2021 💙

  44. Thank You so much for the gift guides. It is really hard to think of things for people so this IS a big help! I am adding the bathrobe and the antelope pillow covers to my wish list!

  45. I’m loving the retro tea kettle 🥰🥰 chunky throw is going right over me lol … and one more item is the bath mat 🎁🎁🎁🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I think U really did it this year …

    • Love your home decor style! Getting our bathroom remodeled now and used your former and current bathroom photos and style as inspo! Ordered some stuff already!

    • Wow! So many things on my wishlist. That Anthro mirror is for sure number 1, as I have been eyeing it for years. Then Nespresso. Gosh and anything Dyson. And the Always Pan. I guess that’s what your late 30’s gets you…kitchen items and vacuums on your Christmas lists. 🤣

  46. I definitely love that pizza maker! I love seeing the homemade pizzas you and Luke make and me and my SO *try* to replicate for a little at home date night. Pizza and Boozie cocktails for the win! 🍕 🍸

    • The Nespresso machine or cozy throws! This gift guides are fantastic! Thank you for putting these together! 😍

  47. I love anything Kitchen! Been eyeing that pan you always use, looks like a good one!! Thanks for all your fabulous recommendations 🙏🏼

    • The best gift guides!!! Perfecto! Noviembre 29 is my birthday and nothing would make my than a nice cozy robe! I’ve always eyed this pottery barn robe and I see you wear it during your Sunday self cares! Theeeee best!! ☺️

    • Oh gosh…only 2?!? Heeheehe I’d have to say the bean bag chair and the robe. Ok and the deer pillow it has my heart ❤️

    • Wow! So many awesome items here. We are building a new home in the mountains of New Hampshire, so I’ve been following all of your great ideas. We have very similar tastes. My favorites here today are the bean bag pouf and the chunky throw. They both would look amazing on a chilly afternoon by the fireplace. Thank you and have a terrific Thanksgiving.

  48. I love so many but I added the antelope pillow covers to my Christmas list!! I also have the anthro mirror on my dream wish list!!! So many great things…the smeg, the coasters, the pan. I don’t know how to pick!!! Thanks for sharing.

    • I love anything monogrammed! Just gives the extra thoughtful effort to holiday gift giving and obsessed with the bubbly glasses! Cheers!

    • Hey hey! There are so many fun items to pick from…my favorites are the Always Pan, and then the pizza oven and thick, chunky throw blanket. Love!!!

  49. I am so excited for all of the gift guides! I especially love the robe on this one. It looks like the ultimate cozy item