Valentine’s Day Bloom Arrangement

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Vday DIY Blooms

Bloom Arrangement Details

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to get your house looking festive than BLOOMS!! If you know me, you know [a] I’m obsessed with flowers and [b] I love to entertain.  I am all about holidays, ’cause let’s be honest, it’s just another reason to decorate and build some epic floral arrangements.  They just make me SO happy!  I hosted a Galentine’s Day for all my besties (see here) and everyone commented on my flowers.  So… I thought, why not share with you, my lil’ DIY step-by-step.  Now, it’s your turn!  Whatever the occasion, holiday or just because, there’s always a reason to have gorge blooms in your life!  See steps below.


What You Will Need

Blooms (in-store)  ||  Wet Foam  ||  Flower Scissors  ||  Vase


Flower Arrangement Steps

 1. Pick up your most favorite stems from your local flower shop, grocery store or farmer’s market.  I’ve chosen pink, blush, white and a little red for Valentine’s Day!

2. Cut your foam to fit your chosen vase.  I opted for my new fave from Urbana Sac.  Loving the metallic silver!

3. Place your foam into the vase.  Fill with water to cover foam completely.  If you have never used wet foam, it’s going to change your life!  It is absolutely amazing!

4. Remove all unwanted leaves/thorns.  Cut all stems to your desired length.  The bottom of the bulbs should graze the top of the vase.

5. Start to arrange your bloom in your vase. Push each stem through the foam to make sure it is securely in place.

6. Make sure you have no spaces that need to be filled and the blooms have an overall circle shape. Viola, you have a beautiful flower arrangement!

Happy DIY-ing!


Urbana Sac_Valentines DayUrbana Sac_Valentines Day_14Urbana Sac_Valentines Day_7

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