5 Tips For A Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Hey Y’all!!  I’m currently in Sun Valley working on the Idaho house so make sure to tune into my Instagram Stories for a behind-the-scenes look!  We’ve been making SO many decisions this week from beams and wood floor stains to tile and wall-treatment layout.  SO exciting!

For the months leading up to the completion of our home, I’ll be sharing the inspiration behind the interior and exterior design.  Since I’m currently in the midst of everything BATHROOM, I wanted to share 5 tips on how to achieve a Modern Farmhouse look and where I got my inspo.  Also make sure to check out my MODERN FARMHOUSE pinterest board here!  Enjoy!

1. Tile

Tile by far has been my favorite interior finish to pick out for our home.  Each bathroom is very different yet fits into our Modern Farmhouse theme.  There are many directions to go in terms of color, patterns, textures, shapes etc.  The goal in my bathrooms was to keep it in-line with the Modern Farmhouse theme yet allowing each bathroom to have it’s own character.  In my opinion, TILE was the number way to make it feel/look “farmhousey”.  The patterned cement beauties are my favorite.  They look “lived” in adding character to a newly built home.  We opted for cement tiles in each of our bathroom – some with a pattern and others a solid color yet a classic modern shape, such as a hexagon.  The other KEY tile style for a farmhouse, and probably the most popular of the bunch is, subway tile.  We are not only using it in most showers but also for the backsplash of our kitchen and pantry.  Stay tuned for ALL of the details, pics and videos of our Idaho home… completion date is May 2018!

Make sure to tune into my Instagram Story – tile arrived at the house yesterday!!

Below are a few of my selections for the house.  I purchased my pretty tile from Cement Tile Shop – check them out here!

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom (3)

2. Free Standing Tub

I mean what’s the point of an epic farmhouse bathroom without a free standing tub?!!  If you have the space in your room, it’s a must-have.  We are putting one in our Master Bathroom and almost everyday I find myself daydreaming of soaking in this beauty! I can’t wait!  We selected a clean, foot-less tub to achieve a more modern vibe.  If you are going full blown farmhouse, I’d opt for a tub with claw feet.  See the two options I’m referring to below…

free standing tub

3. Wall Treatments – Shiplap and/or Tongue & Grove

Horizontal and vertical wood siding, specifically shiplap and tongue & grove, have become widely popular and is used across many home styles – cottage, traditional, farmhouse, mountain, rustic, etc.  If you watch Fixer Upper, you know Joanna Gaines is obsessed with shiplap.  I also have a love affair with this beauty of a wall treatment as it can create texture in a room and give a space SO much character.  If you’re confused about the different between Shiplap and Tongue & Grove, don’t worry, I was too!  It essentially has the same end look but the application of putting it on the wall is a bit different.  I found this article helped to explain it well.  See below for examples of wood wall treatments – horizontal and vertical.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

4. Gold and/or Black Faucets

Hardware throughout a home is very important to keep in-line with one’s overall design theme.  Specifically in my bathrooms, I found this was a great space to have fun with light fixtures and faucets.  If you are starting a remodel or build job, you will soon see that the options are endless.  Keeping my theme of Modern Farmhouse in mind when selecting the hardware was very important.  I made sure all faucets felt more rustic and farmhousey in design/style as the light fixtures were a bit more modern.  Using dark faucets helped to achieve the look I was going for, however I chose to use metallics, specifically gold, throughout other areas of the home, i.e. cabinet pulls, knobs, light fixtures and mirrors. In my opinion, gold gives it a more modern ‘trendy’ feel.  I paired the metallics elements with black ‘x’ facets in each of the bathroom to ensure a rustic look.  Together, I feel this was the perfect mixture to arrive at the Modern-Farmhouse goal.  See below for my inspo for black and gold faucets.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

5. Sinks

I love a farmhouse sink and I’ve always envisioned one in my kitchen but when it came to the Master Bath I thought, why not put one in there as well!  We are custom building our vanities, which are modern in design and rustic in texture, so I thought bringing in an element of a farmhouse, would be a great idea!  SINKS were the key!  Below you will see a few similar examples of what we are planning for Idaho.  We are mounting the sinks flush to the vanity counter top.  I haven’t seen a lot of farmhouse sinks installed in a bathroom this way, so I’m eager to see how it turns out.  Below you will notice how all of the rectangular sink examples achieve a rustic look.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom (2)

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