Outdoor Furniture Finds for Every Budget / 2022

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Happy March! It’s officially spring in my book even though there is still snow on the ground here in Idaho. I guess that’s what you get when you live in the mountains. However, growing up in Kansas, once March hit warm weather was on its way. Tulips would begin to bloom and grass would turn green again. This meant it was time to bring out the outdoor furniture.

Decks and patios are the perfect spot to bring your home outside. I look at it as an extension of your house. This year I’m pumped because we are FINALLY re-doing all of the decks. I can’t wait to create a beautiful outdoor dining space and hangout areas. I’ll be posting mine this summer when our entire remodel is complete.

For now, I’ve rounded up my favorite outdoor chairs, tables, sofas, accent tables and more for 2022. There are options for every budget AND style! It’s time to start thinking about your outdoor living areas.

FYI – all of the collages below are clickable!

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