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Oh how I LOVE my work space.  Ever since starting my own venture of becoming a blogger and wardrobe stylist, I needed a creative space where I could work.  We don’t have enough room in our LA condo for a dedicate office so I converted a small space in the guest bedroom into Styled By Kasey’s headquarters 🙂  Trust me boos, you don’t need a entire room to create such a unique and fun place to work, read, relax, get inspired, etc.

I update my office space about every season with new art prints, knick knacks, pillows and this summer, my pretty closet rack!  Is she not SO cool?!  I found a vendor on Etsy that makes these babies.  Check out all of their rolling racks here starting at $110+.

See below for details on office ART, FURNITURE and a fun styling tip!

office closet_sbk_1

Shop Oliver Gal Art

Above you will find my top picks from Oliver Gal Art, which if you’ve never heard of before, you will most definitely recognize their prints.  I have many canvas pieces throughout my home – Prada Marfa, Chanel Bottles and Lips.  I just got my Saint Laurent beauty and thought it would be perfect for my stylin’ work space!  I have the 20×30 – check it out here.

Shop Office Wall

Like I mentioned above, I update my office space, and especially my wall regularly.  It is such a great place to be creative and get inspired!  I mean, I look at it alllll day long so I better like it! Ha!  I’ve found SO many talented graphic designers on Etsy, specifically fashion-focused artist.  Above I’ve posted some of my favorite prints, animal heads and let’s NOT forget, THE champagne button!!  Oh and much of the art I have on my wall start at only $10!  You can’t beat that.  Pop them in a frame from Target, World Market or T.J. Maxx and you’re good to go.  Remember Ladies and Gents, you do not have to break the bank!!  You can still achieve a stylish and chic look for less.  I’m all ’bout that! 🙂

SBK Style Tip

Use your fashion boxes for home decor.  Display them in your closet, bedroom or office like I’ve done here.  They make for great fashionably interior statements!

Shop Office Furniture

office closet space
office closet space
office closet space

office closet space
office closet space

office closet space

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