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22 03
bathroom organization

Bathroom Organization Details

Hey there! Since we are all quarantined in our homes, this is the perfect time to organize those spaces you always neglect. Ya, and I’m talking about the BATHROOM!! Yesterday I finally went through all of my skin and beauty products, cleaned everything out and organized. Boy do I feel good!! Today I want to share images of how I did it and link my favorite organizers. Remember, drawers come in all different sizes, so make sure to measure before purchasing!

Ok, let’s talk about drawers! My favorite type of organizer to use are different size ACRYLIC gems. I’ve found they are the best way to see everything I have, keep all products in their “place” and they are super easy to clean. In my top drawer I used three different styles for my skincare – single, 3 section and 6 section. In the second drawer I have two large singles for my face/lip masks and a 3 section tray for my hair goodies: clips, bands and scrunchies. Finally in the bottom drawer, I organized all of my hair brushes and tools with two more single trays. Scroll down to see images of my drawer organization!

I display my everyday makeup, jewelry and bathroom essentials on the counter for easy access. I have found THE perfect organizers for each! For makeup I use a gold and glass beauty I found for under $20! It has all the perfect size compartments to fit brushes, compacts and more! When it comes to my jewels, I NEED to see everything I have or I won’t wear it. It was also important to find something that would fit all different types of baubles: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The gold jewelry stand checked all the boxes – only $24! Lastly I wanted to display a few things I used daily: q-tips, skin brush, floss picks and cotton pads. I do this with THE best glass apothecary jars. They come in all different sizes and start at $8+.

See below to shop all of my favorite organizers and for images of my bathroom setup. Leave a comment if you have questions. I’ll get back to ya! Happy organizing!

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bathroom organization

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