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picnic essentials

Picnic Essential Details

Happy Friday, guys! Luke, Ford and I have been on a picnic kick! With everything going on with Covid-19, we have made it a priority to get outside, and go on adventures in the mountains. It has been SO good to breath in the fresh air and find fun places to picnic.

Now that warmer days are here, I bet a lot of you want to get outside too. What’s better than a picnic?! AND you can do it anywhere, even in your own backyard. Today I wanted to share my 5 essentials for THE best picnic along with options for each. See below.

[1] Picnic Basket

In my opinion, a picnic isn’t complete without a wicker basket! It’s perfect to carry all of your eats, cups, napkins and more. I’ve found SO many cute options, linked here.

[2] Mini Table

I have received a lot of questions about my small wood table I use to picnic with. It’s a game changer and perfect to step up your food game while outside. I use it to set out all of the eats and it’s the perfect height to sit around.

[3] Blanket

Y’all need something cozy to sit and relax on during your picnic so below I’ve listed my favorites – function and cuteness!

[4] Board

I’m all about a big charcuterie platter when it comes to a picnic, and if you’re like me, you are going to need a big board to display everything on. See my favorites rounded up below…

[5] Food

As I mentioned above, I love to bring a big spread of finger-type foods when I picnic. I create my own charcuterie board. I typically do a mix of the following: vegetables, hummus, cheeses, meats (salami, smoked trout), fruits, nuts and crackers. Make what you like!

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