Postpartum Mom Care Must-Haves \ First 30 Days

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Postpartum Must-Have Details

Alright, moms or soon-to-be mamas, this post is for you! I’m sharing all of my postpartum must-haves and detailing each item below! The above collage is also clickable and will take you directly to the product you select.

I am keeping it REAL and hope this helps in your recovery post birth, ’cause ladies, it’s NO JOKE! If you have a questions, leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you! xx

Nursing Bras – I’ve tried A LOT of brands/styles and these two are my favorites: Bravado & Kindred Bravely. Trust me, invest in GOOD bras. Your tatas will thank you!

Greens Supplement – Replenishing your body with vitamin and mineral after giving birth and during breastfeeding is SO important. This is my favorite daily supplement. Worthy every penny! If you are interested in ALL of the supplements I take post baby and why, check out this blog.

Hydration Powder – I LOVE these electrolyte packs. I put them in my large Yeti water bottle each morning pp. Luke uses them when he’s working out really hard but they are also great to hydrate mama post birth. Staying on top of this is key especially right after!! You basically just ran a marathon… or two 😉

Protein Bars – It’s always a good idea to have healthy snacks ready to go! During breast feeding I am SO hungry. These plant-based protein bars from Dang Bars were and still are a lifesaver for me.

Magnesium – If you want to go to the bathroom with ease postpartum, take magnesium! I put it in water every night and drink it before I go to bed.

Robe – breast feeding friendly and comfortable clothes are key postpartum. Especially the weeks right after birth. I lived in my robe… and still do! I love this lightweight option from Mason Gray. It comes in a bunch of fun prints.

PJs – It’s all about easy-access to the boobs and this button up pajama set is perfect! It comes in a bunch of colors, is made with the softest material and is under $50!

Shorts – Right after baby, I wore a nursing bra, postpartum underwear and a robe. About a week after when I wanted to get “dressed” I put on these shorts and an oversized tee. Personally I didn’t want anything form fitting like yoga pants as I was wearing a big ole pad. 😉 If I would have had him in the Winter I’d opt for joggers.

Postpartum Underwear – You will NEED these babies. I bought two pack to get me through pp. Most women bleed a good amount after birth, so wearing these and a pad for weeks after is essential. Frida Mom has THE best postpartum products. These are SO much better than the generic ones you will most likely receive at a hospital.

Peri Bottle – The Vagina is very sensitive post birth and many women tear, so NO whipping is happening for awhile. This bottle design is perfect to clean yourself after you go to the bathroom. NO awkward bending down.

Pads – I found this brand after having Ford. It’s a great organic pad option. You will be wearing them A LOT pp. I suggest the larger ones for the first few weeks after birth.

Sitz Bath – I have ZERO idea what this was until after my first baby. My midwife brought me one. Essentially it’s a small bath for your vagina/perineum. You place it on top of your toilet, place warm water steeped in herbs and sit on top of it. This helps heal all your parts down there. I highly recommend it!

Breast Pump – I wanted to try a different pump this go around as my last one was SO loud. The Elvie is SO much more quiet AND hands free. You place it right in your bra. It’s pretty price BUT amazing.

Nipple Butter – Your nipple will get raw and be pretty sensitive the first week or two. This butter helps hydrate them and heal your nips.

Nursing Pillow – If you are breast feeding having a solid pillow is key to support baby and make it easier on your body. I love this one from Doc-A-Tot. They have a bunch of fun patterns.

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  1. Do you do intermittent fasting while breastfeeding? I read your post on it for postpartum but wasn’t sure if you did it breastfeeding and/or pregnant.