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06 03
closet organization

Closet Organization Details

Hey guys! It’s March and in my home that means spring cleaning and organizing has commenced! YAS please! The most important thing in my closet is to be efficient with space and see everything I have. This way I wear items more!

Today I’m sharing my favorite 4 organizer to get your closet right and tight. Check out my closet video tour posted above where I explain how and what I use to organize my space. See below for even more details and to shop all items. Good news, my favorite organizers are budg-friendly! It’s time to give your closet a lil’ cleanse! 😉

Favorite Closet Organizers:

[1] Velvet Hangers – If y’all haven’t switched to velvet hangers, it’s time!! They save a TON of room and are extremely efficient with space, hanging twice the amount of clothes. YAS please! Another added bonus is the velvet helps to keep your clothes from not slipping. Your hanging fashions will be looking on point!

[2] Hanging Cubbies – If you’re in the need for a place for fashion accessories, jeans, shorts and flats, cubbies are for you! As I mentioned above, I love to see what I have so I wear items more frequently. I actually prefer using a hanging shelves rather than a drawer/dresser. I utilize hanging cubbies for beanies, hats, denim, slippers and shoes. See my video tour and pictures for a closer look!

[3] Carts – I LOVE carts!! I use them throughout my house in my bathroom, office and kitchen. I have a gorg gold cart in my closet to help organize my clutches, small handbags and ball caps. Good news, this gem of a cart is under $100 – shop it here!

[4] Drawer Dividers – These are my newest obsession in the organization game. I don’t know what took me so long to get on board. They are legit a game changer! I use these inside my drawers to create small spaces for my bras, underwear, scarves and belts. Trust me, y’all are gonna want these in your life!

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closet organization
closet organization

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