How I Make a Cozy Bed

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how to make a cozy bed

How to Make a Cozy Bed Details

Happy Saturday, babes! Today I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to get your bed fall and winter ready. Y’all know I’m about a COZY home and that starts with your BED! We spend so much time sleeping, about 1/3 of our life, so it’s a space that is definitely worth investing in. Let me break down my farmhouse master bedding!

First things first, sheets! I use a flat and a fitted sheet set a la Pottery Barn. These are a great organic option that are good quality for year-round use. After the flat sheet I love to use a coverlet to add a bit more texture to the bed and another layer of warmth for cooler nights.

Next up, it’s PILLOW time. I take this v seriously, mmmmmmkay! 😉 I always use 4 sleeping pillows, 2 on each side. Since our bed is a King, I have two classic king options paired with Luke and my fave, silk pillows. Check out my Discover Night beauties here. Now let’s create some volume!! I do this by starting with three EURO SHAMS. My trick is to size up to a 28″ insert to stuff your covers. This is going to make your pillows super fluffy and filled out. Also, it’s V important to find a quality insert that will shape easily… i.e. you can give it a good ole karate chop!! Shop my favorite insert here! I then styled out the bed with two cozy knit 23″ pillows, working my way down in size. These particular ones do not come with a great insert, so I replaced it with this fluffier option! Have y’all noticed a trend? Ya, the insert is SO important! Lastly I placed neutral 19″ linen gems in front to finish off the pillow situation. I love to mix different cream colored coziness and textures for farmhouse perfection!

Finally, let’s talk about the duvet. Again, it’s all about the insert, AND staying in place – ya feel me?! On the inside of most duvet covers are ribbons in each corner. The purpose of these are to tie the insert to the cover so it doesn’t move around as you sleep. YAS, it’s genius! I shared this on my Insta story and many of you had NO idea. It’s the best little trick. My second duvet tip is, if you want to create more volume, put TWO inserts inside your duvet cover. Yes, two!! Not only will it look better but it will also be warmer during winter! 🙂 Check out my favorite classic down insert here. If you take a look at my pics, you’ll see how I style my duvet on the end of my bed. I fold it in half toward the end of the bed, and then again, toward the top of the bed. I show y’all a closer look over on my IGTV tutorial here. It will make more sense when you watch it! 😉

AND of course the last touch to any bed, is a cozy throw. This is my favorite ALL-time wool blanket. I love it so much, I have two! Not only is it gorg to look at, but it’s v warm. ALL the cozy feels! 🙂

See below to shop all of my farmhouse bedding. If you’re interested in my bedroom furniture, decor and finishes head over to this blog post. Please leave a comment with any questions!

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how to make a cozy bed
how to make a cozy bed
how to make a cozy bed

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