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farmhouse nursery

Farmhouse Nursery Details

Today’s the day! I’m excited to show y’all Baby Dixon’s farmhouse nursery! I’ve been working on it little by little for the past 6 months and I think it’s come together wonderfully.

As you can see, I went with a black, white and neutral farmhouse theme. Surprise, surprise! 😉 This space is gender neutral so It’s great for any baby!

I first started by picking the foundation pieces for the room – crib, dresser and rocking chair. I want to point out, the area where I decided to put his nursery, is at the end of the bunk room. Rather than changing one of our guest bedrooms to a giant nursery, I opted for a small space, perfect for baby! If you’re working with a smaller room, these furniture items are perfect!

I found the farmhouse black crib for under $400 a la Million Dollar Baby. Could it be any more “on brand”?! LOL 🙂 This was the first item I selected for the room. I then went looking for a dresser/changing table. I already had the trunk-like side table in my home, and I thought the dresser would be a good addition. Before purchasing, I made sure it was long enough to fit the removable white changing topper. The length was spot on and the topper tray is great to use with any dresser, so you don’t specifically need to buy a changing table. The dresser will move with the babe as he changes into his big boy room! The third furniture piece, the rocking chair, was the hardest item to find. It had to be under 29″ W to fit through the door frame of the bunk room AND had a tiny space to occupy in the corner. I was NOT giving up until I found a narrow chair. Well, well… I finally came across a true beauty!! My gray gem has a high back for comfort and is under $300! Ya, it’s a major deal. The chair comes in light and dark gray – check it out here!

Now that I have my crib, it was time to source a good mattress, waterproof cover and fitted sheet. I went with an organic mattress that has two different sides – one waterproof for an infant/toddler, and the other softer side, for kids. I love that it can be used for years to come. Next up I layered on a waterproof cover and a simple black and white fitted sheet. The triangle pattern worked perfectly with my overall theme! 🙂 Most medical professionals have recommend NO bumpers as they are not safe for infants. I passed on them!

Next up, I organized the nursery with some practical items, drawer dividers and baskets. I utilized the dividers in his dresser for hats, socks, basic onesies, binkys and diapers. They are amazing, coming in all shapes and sizes. See my favorite pack here. I then purchased different sized baskets for stuffed animals, blankets and pillows. I love mixing it up with the small white knit and large wicker pom beauties. Both neutral and great for any room!

Now for wall decor! It took me a minute to decided what art I wanted to do. Since I was going with a farmhouse theme, it helped narrow down my animal choices. When I saw the cow and bunny blowing bubbles, I was sold! They are legit, the cutest everrrrrr AND a great price. They both have the black vector frame, are the medium size at 20″x26″ and priced at $85.99. Such a steal! I’m a sucker for a graphic, so y’all know I needed to find the perfect quote. I’ve always been a big fan of the “work hard and be nice to people” print and I thought it was perfect for baby’s room. It a large framed piece at 20″x30″ for under $300. Also a pretty good price being that it is framed. I love how the art turned out! Oh, and we can’t forget about the WALLPAPER! I searched, and search some more, until I came across the simple black XO paper, finding it here. The one accent wall of the pattern was perfect as the space is so small. I didn’t want to my overwhelmed with the design. It worked out perfectly adding a bit of fun to the room!

I have linked everything pictured here in my shop below including: stuffed animals, play mat, blankets and more. Styling out the nursery has been SO much fun. Now that I’m 9 months pregnant, I’m definitely ready for baby!! After he comes, I’ll be putting together a post on my favorite items . Later this week, look out for a post on baby boy’s bathroom. THE countdown is on!

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farmhouse nursery
farmhouse nursery
farmhouse nursery
farmhouse nursery

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