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Jewelry Organization Details

Hey y’all!  My Type A is very excited to share a post all about organization!  Not gonna lie, cleaning out and organizing is one of my favorite past times. LOL! 🙂   But like, really, it is!  I always feel SO good after – who’s with me?!   Many of you have been requesting this post and here she is!  You’re welcome 😉

Over the years I have tried all different types of organizers, but I have finally found THE best jewelry box, tiered stand, ring holder and acrylic drawers to get baubles right and tight.  All four of my fave items not only look great, but make it easy for you to SEE everything you have.  This means you actually wear your jewels!! YAS please!

Top 4 Organizers

[1] 3-Tier Stand – bracelets, hoops and necklaces. I’ve found the three tiers are perfect for all lengths of jewels.  I also use the base of the stand for perfumes – love!

[2] Acrylic Drawers – statement earrings. I will be showing y’all everything else I use the acrylic drawers for in my ‘Beauty Organization’ post later this week.

[3] Ring Holder – rings.  This is perfect for all size rings.  Again, you see everything you have and are more likely to wear your jewels!

[4] Box – rings, stud earrings, pins, watches, statement earrings.  If you’re looking for one overall jewelry box, this is THE one!  It’s gorg and has spaces for all types of baubles.

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beauty & jewel org
beauty & jewel org
beauty & jewel org
beauty & jewel org
beauty & jewel org

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