Acaí Bowl Bar

25 07
acai bowl bar

Acai Bowl Bar Details

Can we talk about how popular ACAÍ bowls are lately… like, holy moly!!  They are everywhere in So Cal, across the USA and let’s not forget, Australia.  I ventured down under this past March and had 2 of my TOP 5 Acaí bowls ever!  I got inspired by my travels to Melbourne and Sydney and thought, why not build a little bar at home??  I’m always looking for fun new ways to entertain – eat/drink AND have fun doing it!  Build your own ACAÍ BOWLS, yes please!  Not everyone has the same flavor palette so this is a perfect way to have your guests put together what they like.  All you need to do is make the smoothie base, cut up all of the fixings and if you’re feeling fancy, put up a lil’ sign 🙂   This idea is super easy, cute and fun for everyone to take part in making their own!

I asked my foodie expert friend, Mike from Sweat Space, to send me over a simple and delish ACAÍ smoothie recipe.  See below for the 5 step concoction.  He mentioned if you wanted to add other items such as spinach, bee pollen, chia seed, etc., go for it!  This recipe is just an easy starting point.  Once you whip up the base, add all of your favorite toppings.  The yummies I included in my bar were: strawberries, bananas, kiwi, coconut shreds, peaches, raspberries, paleo granola, almonds, goji berries, dried blueberries and honey – YUM!!  Make sure to check out his epic Instagram account for major food inspo and recipes.  He’s like, the BEST everrrrrr!

Check out below for a  step-by-step how-to and links to all my favorite bowls and serving dishes.

acai bowl recipe

How To Make Acaí Bowls

1. Blend together the first 4 ingredients – frozen acaí, frozen banana, room temp banana and a splash of almond milk.  AND when I say, splash… I mean like, a drop.  You just want enough liquid to help move the ingredients around while blending.  If you put too much milk in, the smoothie consistency will be too liquidy.  NOTE: you can also substitute the almond milk for whole, coconut, soy or whatever you prefer.

2. Pour your blended acaí smoothie mixture into a bowl.  I’ve linked my favorite bowls below!

3. It’s time for the fun part!  Top your acaí bowl with all of your favorite fixings – berries, granola, coconut shreds, etc.  There is no “right” way.  Create whatever you fancy!

4.  Take a HUGE spoon full and put in your mouth… hehe 😉  Eat her up!


acai bowl bar
acai bowl bar

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acai bowl bar
acai bowl bar
acai bowl bar

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