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14 07

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Australia Travel Details 

It is ALL about the FOOD in Australia!  I mean I pretty much think they invented avocado toast and acai bowls 😉  I didn’t know what to expect as the trip was a surprise for my bday from my husband.  I arrived home on a Sunday evening from a bachelorette trip and on Monday I was on a plane to Melbourne… ya this actually happened!  It was such a fun trip.  Check out my video above for a BTS look and below for links to all my favorite spots to stay, eat, drink and things to do!  Enjoy!



The Langham Hotel – This hotel had THE perfect location in Melbourne.  It was right on the river across from CBD and literally in walking distance from just bout anything.  We stayed in Melbourne for 5 nights and were happy campers in our standard room.  The concierge service was incredible, recommending things to do and places to eat as we planned our spontaneous Australian trip in 1 day!  Let’s not forget the hotel taxi was an old-school BLUSH car… I mean, it had my name ALL over it!

EAT – Brunch

Darling Cafe – What to order? Acia’ bowls, smoothies, avocado toast

EAT – Dinner

Minamishima – What to order? Well… you don’t get to pick ’cause at this high end sushi joint, it’s omakase all the way!  This was hand down THE best sushi meal of my life.  It’s a must-go!

Chin Chin – Asian food in Melbourne? YES!  What to order?  EVERYTHING!  Always busy, always delicious and a super cool vibe. You can wait for 3 hours to get a table sometimes but worth SO it! Go before 6 to put your name down and then grab a drink in the bar downstairs while you wait.

DRINK – Coffee

Proud Mary – What to order?  Their coffee flights and avocado toast are on point!  Have you ever head of such a thing?  You could say we were ready to rock after the coffee flight, walking about 10 miles that day! 🙂  This was a gem we stumbled upon when exploring the Fitzroy and Collingwood neighborhood.

Brother Baba Budan – What to order?  A classic cappuccino.   They sure know how to make coffee in Australia… like every place was unreal!  The best part about a cap down under is the chocolate sprinkled on top!  Yum!  Another neat tid bit about BBB, is the interiors.  Don’t be surprise when you see chairs hanging from the ceiling!!

DRINK – Cocktails

Eau De Vie -What to order?  Any cocktail!  This speakeasy is a gem and their mixologist are the best in all of the land.  You can NOT go wrong with any drink at Eau De Vie.  Remember it is a speakeasy so the door may be hard to find.  Hint, hint… it’s in an alley and the door is not marked 😉

Section 8 – What to order? Literally any cocktail.  They are not only gorg but delicious!  It is located in the graffiti-lined alleyways of downtown Melbourne.  It’s a super cool and relaxed vibe for a mid-day or evening drink.

Naked for Satan – What to order? Anything vodka… they have 20+ infused vodka flavors.  This bar is located in a very cool neighborhood, Fitzroy, and has an epic rooftop deck.  On a nice day, this is the spot to go!

Leonard’s House of Love – What to order? A pickle shot… yes, it’s an Aussie thing and my husband Luke felt like he really needed one… but I opted out! ha! They ambiance alone is worth a trip to this bar.  You feel like you’ve been transported back to the 60’s with


1. Queen Victoria Market 

2. Street Art 

3. Explore Neighborhoods – Fitzroy, Yarra Precint, Collins Street

4. Eat, eat and eat some more – see above for recommendations!



One and Only – unfortunately a week after departing Hayman Island in the Great Barrier Reef, a Cyclone ripped through the islands destroying much f the One and Only resort.  There is now a new owner of the property, which good news, is renovating it!  Here’s the link for information – Hayman Island.  It is a beyond gorgeous island nestled in the reef.   I mean did you watch my video… BEAUTIFUL!


The only place on the island is the resort… no, like really.  There is not a town so if you’re looking for a secluded island to relax, this is the place for you!  The food at the resort is top quality, including all of the seafood of your dreams!  I mean, you are literally on the ocean.


1. Relax

2. Diving / Scuba

3. Swimming

4. Yoga

5. Hike

6. Helicopter – Whitehaven Beach: this is the beach in your dreams.  A-must if you are staying at one of the nearby islands.



Four Seasons

EAT – Breakfast / Lunch

Bills – What to order?  Well, pretty much the entire menu! hehe 🙂  Located in a cute lil’ house in the quaint neighborhood of Darlinghurst, you will find many locals chewing away on avo toast and sipping on yummy coffee.  The interior has an open kitchen, one large family style table in the middle of the room and small two and four tops along the windows.  They are know for their Ricotta Hotcakes, which in my opinion, are OUT OF THIS WORLD.  We also tried the Fresh Aussie – egg, kale, avocado, tomato on sourdough toast… yup, this was my FOOD heaven!! You really can’t go wrong here.

The Little Kitchen – What to order? The avocado toast.  We hit up this breakfast joint before heading out on our walk from Coogee to Bondi.  We were not disapointed.  This by far was one of my most favorite meals of the trip and we happened to stubble upon it!  It’s name “The Little Kitchen” says it all.  The lil’ spot is located a few block from the beach with limited seating inside and a few tables outside.  We ordered the Avo Toast and added smoked salmon and an egg.  It sounds so simple but I’m telling you, there was something magical in it!!  The flavors were exploding in my mouth!  It was THE BEST AVOCADO TOAST I’ve ever had!  Now that our bellies were full it was time to walk it off!  Bondi here we come!

EAT – Dinner

Mr. Wong – What to order? Dumplings!  We waited… and waited some more BUT it was worth it!  The yummy modern asian spot was delicious.  I would recommend going early (before 6) to put your name in and head around the corner and downstairs to Palmer & Co.  Literally everything we had was SO good but I would definitely try the dumplings!! Yum in my tum 🙂

Uccello – What to order? Anything from the wood fired oven – super delish!  It’s all about the location and ambiance at this restaurant.  It’s located on a hidden ivy rooftop surrounded by a pool – half inside and half outside.  Later in the evening it turns into an ultra chic lounge.

DRINK – Cocktails

Palmer & Co. Prohibition Speakeasy – What to order – any of their crafty cocktails made by the men behind the bar!  This was my favorite bar in Sydney.  You walk through an alley to an unmarked door, turn the corner and walk down a sketchy set of steps to the basement.  Once down undaaaa you walk through a lobby and viola, you are transported back to the 1920’s!  The ambiance is on point!  The cocktails are unique and ultra delishhhh.  I ordered the Mexican 2 Steps and was on the dance floor in no time! 😉 ha!

Establishment Bar – A great happening spot in the CBD to grab a drink and mingle.


1. Coogee to Bondi walk – This is, hands down, the best coastal walk in Australia.  Some start in Bondi and walk the other direction but we did the opposite.  Bondi was a great ending point with numerous restaurants, bars and a great beach.  I would suggest eating at The Little Kitchen in Coogee and then walking to Bondi.  It takes about 2-3 hours depending on your pace.  I would recommend stoping at Bondi Icebergs Club for a drink or just to see the massive swimming pool that dumps directly into the ocean… it’s an amazing site!

2. Sydney Opera House – The iconic architecture is a must-see!   My hubs and I only had a few days in Sydney so we opted out of a tour or performance.  We walked around the beautiful buildings and took it all in – so worth it!  There are a lot of tourist around this sport (surprise, surprise) so if you are staying in the CBD, I would walk.


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