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beauty organization

Beauty Organization Details

Earlier this week I shared how I organize my jewels and today, it’s all about BEAUTY!

Over the years I’ve found great organizers for my makeup and beauty products.  Today I’m sharing my favorites, and adding a NEW gem to my top 5 list; the mini beauty fridge!!  It’s a game changers and I’m SO happy to show y’all how I use it.  I can not take credit for this genius idea as I first heard about it on The Skinny Confidential podcast by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick.  Like myself, Lauryn is a complete skincare junkie.  Y’all gotta follow her!

Alright boos, let’s get to it…

Top 5 Organizer Deets

[1] Acrylic Drawers – foundations, eye palettes, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, nail polish

As I’ve mentioned in the past about organizing, visibility to everything you have, is key.  If you can SEE it, you will use/wear it more often.  This is why I’m a big fan of acrylic (clear) organizers.  I love the set I have for my larger make-up items such as foundation as well as using the smaller drawers to lay my palettes flat – see images below.

[2] Mini Beauty Fridgeeye masks, rose quartz roller, eye patches, creams

I just setup my mini beauty fridge a few weeks ago and it’s a GAME CHANGER, y’all!  I no longer have to make the trek to the kitchen refrigerator every morning to grab my beauty products AND it’s under $50 – YAS please!!  Not only is it a time saver and a great deal, but the cooling effects of the fridge help my beauty products work even better!  Having a nice COLD roller in the morning is perfection for my puffy face 😉 . Any eye creams, patches and masks are the best items to place in your mini fridge.  Could it get any better?  Boos, you NEED one in your life.  Your face will thank you!

[3] Cartcake stands, lipstick, brushes, eye pencils, mascara, lip pencils

In general I love carts for all different types of goodies.  If you missed my post on three different ways to use this specific gold cart – beauty, office and bar – check it out here!  I’m currently using it in my babe cave for a mix of office supplies on the bottom and makeup on the top.  I like using the first basket for lip and eye beauty products as well as my brushes.

[4] Lipstick Holderlipstick

I not only love the way this lippie holder looks, but I also like having my lipsticks all in one place.  I feel like it’s easy for them to get lost in drawers and with this organizer they all have a ‘home’! 🙂

[5] 3 Cup Cosmetic Organizerpencils, glosses, mascara

You can use this 3 cup organizer for many beauty items: brushes, lip liners, mascara, eye liners, concealers, lip glosses, etc.  This gem is only $19 and perfect to separate different types of makeup into one section.  LOVE!

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beauty organization
beauty organization
beauty organization
beauty organization
beauty organization
beauty organization
beauty organization
beauty organization

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