Daily Skincare Routine + Giveaway

12 09
skincare routine
skincare routine

Daily Skincare Routine Details

Alright, alright, alright my boos!!  Ya’ll have been asking me about my skincare routine and I’m finally sharing it. 😉  Below are my most fave products I use on the reg.  Make sure to check out my IGTV for a video rundown of all of my skincare and how I use each one.

OH and great news, y’all!  I’ve partnered with True Botanicals to Giveaway a Clear Duo (face wash & oil) to one lucky follower!  Enter below by leaving a comment and email addy.  It’s that easy.  Good luck!

*Please note entrant must be 18+ and reside in the U.S.   I will select the winner at random and announce it on my Instagram on Monday, September 17th.  The winner has 24 hours to accept their prize or another winner will be selected.

Face Wash – True Botanicals: I’ve been using TB for about 2 years now.  To say I’m obsessed is an understatement.  A few years back I was having MAJOR skin issues – breaking out and allergic reactions.  Come to find as you age, hormones change and things that your skin was once fine with, may change.  I started to research NATURAL skincare brands.  My friend told me about True Botanicals and I thought, why not give it a go!  I’m now ALL about clean beauty and finding things that are good for my skin.  Trust me boos, your skin will thank you!

Micellar Water – Bioderma: My dermatologist told me about this magical H2O product.  I tend to get congested with lil’ bumps under the skin and come to find, I wasn’t getting everything off of my face – makeup, pollution, etc.  After I cleanse with my TB face wash, I take a cotton pad with micellar water and do one more pass of my face.  I want to make sure I get off ALL excess residue.  It’s really helped clear up my skin!

Serum – PCA Skin: This baby is pure magic and that’s because it’s contain hyaluronic acid.  It hydrates the skin above and below the surface.  I live in a majorly dry environment (Idaho) and this keeps my skin lookin’ fresh!

Eye Cream – Bobbi Brown: I’m 30+ so an eye cream is mucho importante to help with fine lines and wrinkles.  I’ve tried A LOT of different creams, and I find this one is not only super hydrating but lays well when makeup (concealer) is applied over it!

Oil – True Botanicals: Oh how I love thee!! As I mentioned above I’m a HUGE fan of True Botanicals.  I’ve used two of their four oils and love them both (clear & hydrate).  I am currently using their Pure Radiance Oil.  Idaho is one dry place so the more moisture I can get on my skin, the better!  It not only repairs damaged skin but gives me that extra GLOW! 🙂

Roller – Rose Quartz: Now that we’ve applied the goods, it’s time to use a roller for maximum absorption!!  I either use a Jade and/or rose quartz beauty every morning and night.  Rolling promotes drainage of lymphatic fluid, decrease in puffiness (YAS please) and removal of toxins. Circulation to the skin is increased, stimulating collagen production and improving elasticity. This leads to reduction in wrinkles and fine lines and overall improvement in the complexion.  Ummmm ya, sign me up!

SPF – Lune & Aster CC Cream: If it’s the morning you better believe I’m not walking out of the house without SPF on my face!  You gotta protect yo shit!! I opt for the Lune & Aster CC cream as it has SPF 50 AND tint.  It is pure MAGIC, evening out my skin.  I’ve raved about it for years.  Check out my “Beauty” highlight on my Instagram for a transformation video!

Lip Balm – Bkr: Now we can’t forget about the lippies, y’all!  Let’s keep them plump and hydrated like our face.  I use balm on the reg but I recently discovered Bkr.  Great news, it’s clean beauty!  Trust me, your lips will thank you!

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skincare routine
skincare routine
skincare routine
skincare routine
skincare routine
skincare routine
skincare routine
skincare routine
skincare routine

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  1. Good morning! I am interested in trying out the Lune + Aster CC Cream for the first time, but am unsure which shade to get and there isn’t a Blue Mercury store near where I live unfortunately. Do you have any tips on which shades you’ve tried? I know they have a flexible return policy, but I was hoping to get it right on the first try. 🙂

    • Hi Anne! I have tried both light and medium. I usually wear medium in the spring/summer as I like to be more tan. The medium has a bit more coverage as well. If you’re look to match you skin perfectly, I’d go with a lighter shade. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing . I work for a medical spa and I think I have tried every product out there but my skin does NOT look like yours (#perfection ).. I definitely need help and would love trying some new products that work ! If my skin looked half as good as yours I would be ecstatic..

    • Hi Eileen! You’re so sweet. Skincare is definitely a job and I’m sure you’d agree. I have found some great products that work wonders. I hope you try some out and let me know how you like them. xo

  3. So jealous you have the glowiest skin! Can’t wait to try a few of these for some max hydration I desperately need.

  4. I was an esthetician for a few years and never got to try this brand. Your skin looks great so I’m excited to try! Also, *love* that roller. I’ve been meaning to get one for home-use since I’m not in a spa everyday and don’t get to sneak in treatments for myself!

  5. Your skin is so amazing I’m so glad you wrote this post! I have the same issue with little bumps under the skin and am excited to try the micellar water. Also your bathroom is beautiful! I can’t wait for a good one filled with marble like yours 🙂

    • Thank you, Adrianna!! Y’all have been asking so I’m happy to share 🙂 Let me know if you have any specific questions! xo

  6. Hey kasey! I just wanna say I love and hate you for posting this because now I need it all! Lol currently these gems are sitting real comfy in my cart until I can get myself to pull the trigger. But for real..thank you! Can’t wait to try!

  7. I’ve never tried these products before! Being 31 myself I feel like I’ve tried every freaking type of natural face wash out there and haven’t found one that cleans deeply without stripping my natural barrier and requires me to use basically Crisco (kidding i would never) to re hydrate or if it’s a brand that claims “hydrating cleanser” it ends up being me smearing some sort of cream with water around in circles and does nothing. I just end up with textured skin from clogged pores. P.S love you and your home <3

    • Hi Randi!! Girl, I get ittttt! I think you will love this face wash. Pair it with my other gems and you’ll be MEGA hydrated! 🙂 xo

  8. I have been wanting to try True Botanicals for a while now and I think you’ve convinced me!! Love everything you have shared! Thank you!!!

  9. Your routine seems so simple but effective… that’s my goal! #overwhelemedbyallthethings Would love to try True Botanicals! And def need to try the rolling too! 🙌🏼

  10. I love following you! You are such a real person that it makes me happy! I am also a huge football fan. From Michigan we root for the lions which seem to let me down every season haha. I would love to try this! As a busy mom of 3 boys I haven’t found time to take care of my face! Would love try this product. Thanks!

  11. Kacey,
    I am a new follower but I am OBSESSED with you and Janet. Ha! I am currently struggling with hormonal acne and would love to try these products as anything you recommend is gold!!

  12. Well….this may be a double comment because small town Texas (grandma’s house) does not have a great cell signal and I can’t tell if my other post worked lol, sorry! Adult acne is the worst and I have been trying to find some products that help combat it and yet don’t over dry my sensitive skin. True Botanicals sounds like it would be a great option to try! I have already tried your CC cream and love it, so I am down to try whatever you recommend!

    • I got it, Jaime!! It is the worst – True Botanicals has really helped clear up my skin while staying hydrated. You’ll love it! xo

  13. Love your page! You have such a delicious way of introducing new products/fashion! Recently moved across the country and have been noticing my skin looking pretty awful! I would love to try something that could help me feel/look great!


  14. This sounds amazing! I have been looking for something that is good for my Adult Acne (grrr) and yet good to my sensitive skin. I would love to try True Botanicals!

  15. I love that you only use a handful of products- so do-able! Plus I’m dying to try more natural products that actually work.

  16. This is a perfect give away! I would love so much to try these products. I absolutely love your feed and attention to detail and enjoy watching your insta stories every day.

  17. I struggle with getting little bumps under my skin as well, it is so incredibly frustrating! I really interested in adding some of these products to my routine!

  18. Would love this!! I have been looking for a great natural skincare line!! Hope you enjoy OKC this weekend!! Much love, an Okie Girl

  19. Hey Janet, Edna here (again, it’s really Stacy). I’m that KC girl that married the farm boy and moved away. Leaving the city with easy access to skincare and moving to a town that only has a Walmart and Dollar General makes it preeeeetty difficult to test out the good stuff (I need a Bluemercury in my life!) Anyway, I’m all about saving the planet and my skin so feel free to send your girl some goodies! Edna’s wrinkles will thank you.

    • Hey Edna!!! Gosh I love you – I think we just may be soul sisters 😉 I legit, don’t even have a Walmart in my town so you’ve got me beat there! LOL Thanks for entering, boo! xoxo

  20. I’ve been thinking about getting a rose quartz roller for a while now, and I think you sold me! So excited to try it, along with some other products you shared, in the near future!