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31 03

bubbly barbubbly bar


bubbly barbubbly barbubbly barbubbly barbubbly barbubbly barbubbly barbubbly bar


If you know me you know I love to entertain and I’m all about HOME decorating.  I purchased my gold tray/stand setup over the holidays for a Hot Cocoa Bar.  I know… the best idea everrrrr 🙂 If you missed it, check it out here.  Since I now have this lil’ bar situation I thought I could change up the decor for different holidays, parties and/or seasons!  Let me first start by saying this tray is from World Market and is $89 (with the stand)!!!  Like, OMG this is THE best price ever – #DEALoftheday!

I choose a bubbly bar for Spring.  It just sounded like a good plan, amiright?!  If you are into beer, cocktails and/or wine, make it personal to YOU!  Above I’ve linked everything on my BUBBLY BAR.  A few items to note… The copper and gold champagne flutes are on SALE a la World Market for $17.96/4.  Wowza!!!!  What a DEAL!  Rose gold colored items are currently a home trend that I am obsessed with hence the glasses and pineapple ($25).  I LOVE mixing metals but whatever your style, there are options for you!  Next up let’s talk, art!  Is this MOET print not the cutest?!!   It’s from one of my fave Etsy shops, Laurie Duncan Art.  This beauty is only $20 – pop it in a frame and viola, your BUBBLY BAR is complete!  Check out my Instagram for a GIVEAWAY today a la Laurie Duncan Art! 🙂

Have a home styling question?  Email me: [email protected] Make sure to check out my Instagram Story for a behind the scenes look of my home and fashions.

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