5 Minute Halloween Costumes

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5 Minute Halloween Costumes

Alright, guys… I’m well aware not everyone LOVES Halloween as much as me. 😉 If you’re not going all out with a costume, but looking for an easy option, I’ve got you covered! All of my ideas legit, take 5 minutes to put together. I rounded up shops for the following costumes: skeleton, leopard, GI Jane, devil and Halloween tees.

Pictured above you can see I found the cayuuuutest skeleton two-piece set with a BABY in it’s belly! I mean, how adorable for a pregnant lady. It’s his first costume everrrrr! 🙂 🙂 Kinda makes me want to cry of happiness! LOL I also had a leopard dress that I styled out with some ears ($4.80!) and a teddy jacket I already had in my closet. Ya… now I’m a cat, duh! SO Easy! See below to shop all of my ideas including fun tees if you want something festive to wear on Halloween.

Shop Skeleton Costumes

Shop Leopard Costumes

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