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halloween table

Halloween Table Details

“Oh look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” If you guys know what movie this quote is from, we should be friends! Muhahahaha! The day has come to share my Halloween table. This year I decided to theme it to give my decor a bit more direction. I went with an apothecary table inspired by all things witchy! Potions, poison, spiders, skulls, black flowers, and more!

Let’s break my table down into TWO different sections: centerpiece and place setting…

I always start with the centerpiece when creating a table for a party. I first placed the spider web cloth on the table, and then added two pieces of black gauze on top, down the center of the space. This adds a bit more texture and volume and creates the place where we will be setting all of our decor! Next up I took the 5 bottles I spray painted matte black, and put them in the very center of the table. Three of the smaller bottles arranged on the black cake stand and the other two on each side. I then added black roses inside to complete the look. On each end of the table I set one of my favorite halloween decorations, my black iron candelabras. I wrapped them with a tiny bit of webbing and a few spiders, adding a spooky vibe! Remember when using spider web decor, a little goes A LONG way. Lastly, I completed the table by placing apothecary jars and crows in between the candles and flowers.

Now it’s time for the place setting. I utilized a few items I’ve had from previous years decorating and plates I use daily. I always start by setting the table with a charger. It adds another layer and creates the space we build on for each guest. This year I found these black beauties a la Amazon for $40 for a set of 12! Next I used my matte black dinner plates and paired them with new smaller halloween beauties. These salad plates come in a set of 4, in all different designs, and are currently on SALE! I wanted to continue with my mainly black theme, so I found matte flatware from Walmart for only $19 for 4 sets. It was a great addition to the table! For an extra personal touch, I always love to have name cards for my attendees. I had these made on Etsy and placed them in fun little skull holders! To complete the table I set out black wine goblets and the cutest witches brew cups.

One extra addition to the dining space I NEED to point out, are my mini witch hats hanging from the chandeliers. It was a last minute idea and I think it turned out V cute. When they arrived a la Amazon, I thought they were a bit small but ended up working out. I hung them by cutting a small hole in the top of the hat and attaching a burlap ribbon.

Ok, I think we are ready for a magical dinner!

See below to shop my Halloween apothecary table setup. Please leave a comment with any questions you have.

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halloween table
halloween table
halloween table
halloween table
halloween table

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  1. Absolutely primo Halloween tablesacape! Just the right combo of spooky witchy apothecary vibe…love the entire effect 🧙🏻‍♀️🧹🧙🏻‍♀️🧹💀☠️