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Wedding Guest Outfit Details

Oh hey, wedding season… I see you! If you’re like me and attend numerous weddings each year, you’re probably on the hunt for dressy outfits. From cocktail beauties to formal dresses and jumpsuits, I’v found SO many gems!

I love to get all dolled up in a pretty dress but let’s not forget about jumpsuits, also a great wedding guest option. If you’re not feeling a dress, opt for a sleek jumpsuit. Pair it with heels, a fun bag and pretty jewels. This is what I did when I attended a fancy even last month. I loved how my red bow jumpsuit outfit turned out (see above).

When it comes to a black tie affair, a full-length gown is typically the dress code. Above I posted two weddings I attended wearing a long red dress and an all black lace beauty. In the past, I’ve found it pretty difficult to find decent options under $500 when it comes to formal dresses. I’m happy to say after years of searching, I’ve finally found brands I LOVE that won’t break the bank. See below for my roundup!!

Let’s not forget about the fun accessories that go along with your fancy outfits! I have rounded up my favorite go-to heels, jewels and classic bags. You can mix and match any of these with most of the dresses and jumpsuits I’ve selected.

As always, comment below with any styling questions you have. Happy shopping!

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