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06 08
amazon finds

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Hi boos! I’m coming in hot with round 2 of my favorite Amazon finds. Today I’m sharing my current favorite 15 items at amazing prices! Below I detail each product and if you keep scrolling you can see how I use and/or styled it in my house. Please leave a comment with any questions you have and enjoy! They’re REALLY good. 🙂

Amazon Finds

[1] Natural Jute Runner – I can’t say enough great things about this rug. It is soft, lays nicely on the floor and does not shed. It is the perfect neutral runner for any space. I opted to use it in my back kitchen (see pic below).

[2] Jewelry Organizer – I was on the hunt for a smaller organizer to place on my vanity for every day baubles. I love the design because there’s a place for all of my different jewelry – dainty necklaces, bangles, hoops, rings and earrings. It’s important to see everything you have so you wear it!

[3] Slippers – Legit, the coziest slippers in all of the land. Just get ’em… mmmmmmkayyyyy.

[4] Buffalo Plaid Mat – I mean, could this be any more farmhouse?! As y’all know I have black buffalo plaid throughout my home, and I couldn’t forget about my outdoor spaces. I bought an oversized 4×6″ rug to layer under my door mat for the front door, and a 2×3′ mat for my back, regular sized door. These hold up very well and are such a great deal!! Give your entryway a little something extra, 😉

[5] Screw Bracelet – This gold bangle is an amazing Cartier dupe at under $20! You can’t get better than that! This is the perfect addition to any arm stack.

[6] Pearl Headband – These pearl beauties are currently ALL the rage and let’s be honest, the perfect hair accessory! I’ve seen many similar headbands priced over $100, which in my opinion, is absurd!! I found this nude gem for only $18.95 on Amazon. Yes please!

[7] Velvet Hangers – One of my favorite closet products to save on space are velvet hangers. It’s time to switch, babes! Your clothes hang better, you can fit more in your closet and they just look nice. Trust me, you will not regret it!

[8] Pans – I’ve been looking for new “safe” pans for months. I was reading reviews and finally decided to give GreenPans a go. I have been using them for the past two months, and I’m obsessed. They are fantastic for cooking every day food, the perfect sizes and SO easy to clean!!

[9] Nespresso – I’m a coffee lover – who’s with me?! 5 years ago I received my Nespresso as a wedding gift and it was a game changer! I not only love the coffee, but the frother is A-mazing!! I can no longer have my cup o’ joe without my steamed almond milk. Ya, I’m a coffee snob now. 😉 An added bonus is you can recycle your pods! Babes, this beauty is worth every penny!

[10] Travel Mirror – I’ve talked about this mirror many times on my Instagram story while traveling this year. It is ALL about lighting ladies, and when you’re on an adventure, not all hotel rooms have the brightest of bulbs. This mirror fold into a small little bag which is perfect to throw in your suitcase AND has a light around it. YAS please!

[11] Avocado Saver – I purchased this case last year and haven’t had a brown avocado since! BUT seriously, I haven’t! Whoever invented this was a genius. Y’all need one in your life!

[12] Celine Dupe Sunglasses – I’m pretty sure I’ve never found a better dupe for Celine sunnies than these gems. I LOVE my tortoise shell beauties and I know you boos do too as they were a best seller of mine in the month of July! They are only $10.99 and come in 5 different color options.

[13] Black Floor Mirror – I found this $150 mirror when I was looking for dupe options for the ones I have in my living room. The price is incredible as most are $400+. If you want to get my look-for-less, give this mirror a go!

[14] Glass Jars – My Type A really loves a jar, basket, container… ya get the point! 😉 I’m here for organization and these glass jars where perfect to get my pantry looking right and tight. I have a mixture of sizes depending on what I was putting in them. To find out more about my organization for my Farmhouse Pantry, check out this post.

[15] Faux Eucalyptus – I love fresh blooms and plants but it’s not always practical to be spending moolah on them every single week. I like to have faux options around my home to bring in some needed greenery to my spaces. I found this small faux eucalyptus about 3 months ago and I am loving it around the house! I’ve used it in my outdoor areas, mudroom, media room and kitchen!

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