Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Refresh

14 08
farmhouse bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh Details

Hey oh! Today I’m sharing a little decor refresh in my farmhouse master bathroom. I’ve partnered with Walmart home to show y’all a look at some of their vintage chic bathroom items! Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Once again, I am so impressed with the overall quality of the products and price-points. I know y’all will be too! When I started looking for items to add to my space, bath towels were high on my list. Since I already had white ones, I was looking for something a bit more fun. Oh boy, did I find it! The gray tapestry towels are legit, perfection for my space. The color and pattern where a great addition to my farmhouse style bathroom. Not to mention, a 4 piece set is only $25.70. I purchased them immediately!

These towels were SO beautiful that I knew I wanted to display them in some way. The hunt began… once I set my eyes on the farmhouse vintage ladder, it was over!! I found the perfect item to hang my towels. The ladder fit the space between my shower and toilet room like a glove! They come in 8 different colors and size options, so no matter your space, there’s one for you. I went with the reclaimed gray 15″x60″ ladder – only $54.99! Walmart is killing it in their home game and I’m here for it!

Now let’s talk about organization and storage. In a bathroom there are SO many goodies that need a place. I love to display items on my vanity counters, but I want it to look nice. Ya feel me?! The glass jars, available in all different sizes, fit the bill perfectly. I utilized them for cotton pads and q-tips. Love how they look!

A few other amazing decor finds from Walmart that I want to point out are: the white crystals, distressed vintage vase, cozy bath mat and wooden “Hot Bath” sign. All are great pieces to style out a bathroom. Shop my vintage farmhouse bathroom items below as well as a roundup of more of my top picks! Happy refreshing!

If you’re interested in more design and finish details of my mater bathroom, check out this post.

Shop My Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Shop My Walmart Bathroom Decor Picks

farmhouse bathroom
farmhouse bathroom
farmhouse bathroom
farmhouse bathroom

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