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Hey guys!  As many of you know I’m obsessed with a cozy home.  Since this is my first winter living in Idaho, I think I’m gonna take is up a notch! 🙂  Yes, that means more pillows, blankets, slippers, pjs and fireside cuddles.  Twist my arm!

Today, I wanted to share with y’all my current favorite pillows and throws.  Great news, the majority are amazing DEALS!  See below to shop all my picks AND to enter in THE best giveaway everrrrrrr!  Happy winter snuggles!

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Giveaway Details

What am I giving away?? Hmmmmmm 🙂

I wanted to give ONE lucky person my favorite wool knit BLANKET (pictured above), in the color of their choice!!  It’s the most beautiful snuggle worthy throw and perfect for any living and/or bedroom.  Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment below with your favorite thing to do during the holidays!  It’s that easy.

Good luck, y’all!!

Scroll down to see how I styled different parts of my home with my fave pillows/blankets and to enter.

*Giveaway closes Friday, November 9th at 12PM MST.  The winner will receive a 32×22″ blanket and select the color.  Please note entrant must be 18+ and reside in the U.S.   I will select the winner at random and announce it on my Instagram on Sunday, November 11th.  The winner has 24 hours to accept their prize or another winner will be selected.

cozy home giveaway
cozy home giveaway
cozy home giveaway
cozy home giveaway
cozy home giveaway
cozy home giveaway
cozy home
cozy home giveaway

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  1. During the Holidays I love to stay in with some hot chocolate and watch movies. (Especially when it’s raining outside).

  2. My favorite part about THESE holidays are decorating my home I bought in May! It’s the first time I’ve been able to decorate and organize things the way I’ve always wanted! Snuggle up on the couch with the fire lit and a good red wine or hot toddy 🙂
    Also, crock pots – your chicken tortilla soup is what dreams were made of!

  3. My favorite thing to do is sit around the fireplace with my family on Christmas Eve (which also happens to be my birthday!) playing card games and watching it’s a wonderful world 🤗

  4. I love ❤️watching Christmas Vacation🌲 every year with the whole family & a big glass of red wine🍷 after Thanksgiving! 🍗

  5. I love spending time with my family! My daughter Emely she’s one year old and this is going to be the first Christmas!! Can’t wait to decorate Christmas 🎄 with her!!
    I’m in America for 3 years now and my family is in Romania so I’m gonna seat on the couch with Emely and my husband cuddling and FaceTime with my family from Romania. I would love to win the blanket !!😍😍
    I’m reading your’s so inspiring and i love everything about your home!! You are the best Kasey!!

  6. We do a progressive dinner with the family in town. You start at one house for drinks and apps, the next house has the entree, and the third has dessert. This lets us see everyone’s holiday decorations!

  7. Hey Kasey ! My favorite thing to do during the winter holidays is head to the outdoor ice skating rink with some friends and some spiked hot cocoa ! What’s better then that ? Enjoy your holidays in your gorgeous new home ! Xoxo

  8. Hi Kasey! I love your blog and watching your IG stories, it’s finally given me the inspiration to finish decorating our house we renovated this past year.
    I love love LOVE the holidays and this time of year. One of my favorite things to do is get all cozy in my pj’s, pour a glass of wine, and watch Christmas movies with my hubby. And I’m especially excited for this holiday season because it’s our son’s second Christmas so he’s finally old enough to understand and watch some of the movies with us!

  9. Favorite thing to do during the holidays… is when my husband and I go to the Christmas 🎄 Tree farm outside of Lawrence KS the weekend after Thanksgiving and cut down our Christmas Tree. Then strap it on to the car Griswold style and drive it back to KC and ply Christmas music and decorate the tree together. NOW we get to take our little 5 month old Pearly Sue with us and start the tradition with her!! Merry Holiday ⛄️ xo

  10. I love cooking around the holidays and snuggling up in the couch with something warm to sip on. This year will be extra special though! I’m pregnant – due December 18th. Can’t wait to snuggle up with our new bundle of joy.

  11. Michigan gal here! 🙋🏼‍♀️

    Our winters are pretty brutal, so I love spending nights (and most days) curled up watching the classic Christmas movies— I’m talking the original VHS Frosty + Rudolph.

    That’s for all the home inspo— a nice blanket would be the perfect addition!

  12. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is make homemade cookies for Santa with my daughter. She’ll be 5 this year and experiencing Christmas through her has brought back all the magic I felt as a kid.

  13. Hello girly!
    For the holidays I enjoy seeing all of my family that I don’t get to see all the time. My parents are divorced which means double the christmas’s! I enjoy this too 😉 Happy Holidays ❤️

  14. I love having the Christmas tree lights on, snuggled up with a blanket and reading a book! Happy holidays!

  15. My all time favorite activity is just sitting on the couch and catching up with family that I only get to see once or twice per year during major holidays

  16. Your house is beautiful!! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is driving around looking at all of the Christmas lights and decorations with my family.

  17. I love making Christmas cookies. My mom and 2 sisters get together each year and make a ton of Xmas cookies for each of us to give away. We don’t get together during the year very often, so I cherish the holiday cookie making !

  18. I love having my family over on Christmas Eve for dinner! We eat and open some presents and it’s always so fun! We usually have Elf on in the background!

  19. My favorite thing to do for the holiday is call in sick from work to spend time with my kids, order pizza, bake cookies and give them all of me for a day. As a full time working mom I always have the guilt of never having time for them. So I love to just watch Christmas movies on the couch in our living room, read Christmas books, in a warm cozy house with the Christmas decor and the Christmas music playing in the background. While we eat cookies with hot cocoa and enjoy each other’s time. Time is so precious and kids grow up way to fast I hope my kids remember and grow up to these beautiful memories I will always carry in my heart forever.

  20. My favorite thing about the holidays is eating all the great Puerto Rican food my grandmother makes. Pastels, Coquito, pernil. Being with the family is so important especially since I moved so far away. They’re all on the east coast and I’m all the way on the west coast now so I cherish the time I have with them. Thank you so much for this giveaway Kasey.


  21. My all time favorite thing to do at the holidays is to adopt Angels from the Angel Tree and the Adopt a Grandparent from our local senior care center. It brings us such joy! My favorite wish from last year, from a older gentleman, “six pack of Coca-Cola and a Dean Martin CD.” Santa delivered two cases of coke & the Dean Martin box collection. I love to imagine the look on his face Christmas morning. We are looking forward to this year. Happy Holidays~Enjoy!!

  22. I love to take my girls around and look at the Christmas lights. We get in our pj’s and we all have a Starbucks l!!

  23. While I do love spending time with loved ones, watching Hallmark movies and shopping for presents, my favorite part of the holiday season is planning! 🙂 I love planning get togethers with friends, the menus for holiday dinners, the decorations, all of it!!!

  24. Favorite thing to do during the holidays:
    Each year our family does a night of walking through a special neighborhood here in Tucson called Winterhaven. They live up to their name and almost every house goes Griswold with Christmas decorations. Streets and streets of magic! They have hot chocolate, food bank donations and simple family fun. The kids love it!
    Artie x

  25. My faaaaaavorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with family (of course, it’s a MUST) and going out to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree!! 🙂 My fiancé and I just moved across country together with our dogs and got our own place so we are starting new traditions! xx

  26. Since having kiddos of my own, I enjoy teaching them the importance of giving during the holidays! I love helping my oldest daughter make cards and let her pick out gifts on her own to give to family. So thankful for all the fun memories made during the holidays!

  27. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is Christmas movies!!! Every Friday night is designated “family time” where we watch movies together to get into the holiday spirit. It’s fun to watch these movies throughout child and continue to do so today. I hope to carry on these traditions with my future children!

    P.S. I’m Newley engaged and this blanket would be a perfect staple for my new home!!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  28. Decorating for the holidays and then sitting by the fire with the fam with only candles and Xmas lighting on, watching a holiday movie.

  29. Decorating the tree with my little girls! So fun seeing them get excited and remembering the ornaments from year to year. (I buy a new ornament for each of us each year)

  30. I loveeee to make Christmas cookies and watch 25 days of Christmas on free form, while cozied up in Christmas pjs and drinking hot coco 🎄☃️🎅🏻

  31. I loveeee to make Christmas cookies and watch 25 days of Christmas on free form, while cozied up with cute Christmas pjs and hot coco 🎄☃️🎅🏻

  32. To be completely honest, I just love spending time with my family, which I don’t really get to see too often. Busy schedules + long distance… it doesn’t really matter when it’s thanksgiving // chisrmas // Hanukkah, we all manage to make it all work.

  33. I LOVE watching my younger siblings open all their gifts. They light up like you wouldn’t believe and it makes me happier than I can explain. ❤️

  34. I love when my family comes to KC and we do cookie baking! It’s something my grandma has been doing since she was 25 and we love it! We make around 20-25 different cookies and we sit around and roll em, scoop em, and decorate! Such a fun opportunity to get good, quality time in with the fam!

  35. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with loved ones and live in the moment. Whether it be sitting at home by the fire or outside in the snow or deer blind. Of course the holiday party’s aren’t too shabby either!

  36. My favorite part about the holidays is coming home from school and seeing all my friends and family. Also, I love seeing my hometown all decked out for Christmas 🎄

  37. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is when my best friend and I bake cookies for all of our friends, family, and neighbors so that everyone gets to enjoy a little something special !!

  38. I love just being with my family! My hubby just got home from deployment so we actually get to be together for Christmas this year! Then I leave on deployment lol.. I would love to win this beauty!!!

  39. The best part of the holidays for me is spending time with my family. Christmas about 2 yrs ago we were blessed to finally take our now adopted daughter for our first outing alone with our now adopted daughter. We took her ice skating (everyone’s first time) and we had a blast!!! It is the fondest memory and her first memory of us being together as a family.

  40. My favorite thing during the holiday is to be with family who lives out of town. My family is very close so I love when I get to see the ones who live far away.

  41. Hi! Love your blog and Instagram! My favorite Holiday activity is driving around and looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations!

  42. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is cuddle up on the sofa w my husband and three kids, light a fire, make sure the Christmas tree lights are on, and watch a Christmas movie! 🎄❤️

  43. Hi!! My favorite childhood Christmas tradition was sleeping in the same room as my siblings 🙂 As a mom now, my favorite holiday tradition is our cookie day. Warm fire, holiday candle and our record player playing Xmas tunes while we bake and decorate cookies! Favorite time of the year!!!

  44. First of all, I love the holiday season. Everything from the decor to the yummy food for each holiday. But my all time favorite thing is being surrounded by my loved ones and watching the excitement on my sons face when Christmas lights turn on.

  45. Hi Kasey!!

    I would say my favorite holiday tradition is a whole day planned to cut down a Christmas tree, decorate and enjoying lots of wine in the process 🙂 Though I just recently moved to the LA area (from Ohio) and if you know of any places where you can actually cut down a Christmas tree let me know 🙂

  46. I love just curling up in front of the fire in comfy pjs, a book and blanket with the Christmas tree lights on. Even though I live in TX and it is usually mild at best…that fire is burning every day of the holiday! 😂

  47. My family does an annual slipper shopping extravaganza 💕 We scour Target, TJ Maxx, and even Walmart to find the perfect set of family slippers for the holidays together ✨

  48. We have our whole family stay at my parents (brothers, sister in laws and all the kids). I just love being together in one place, playing games and spending quality time together.

  49. I love sitting in the living room, reading a book, watching the lights sparkle on the tree, and drink apple cider! It is literally my favorite time of the year!!

  50. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to sip hot toddies by the fire snuggled under a blanket with family & friends! I need this beautiful chunky blanket! It gets cold out here in the PNW! PS ily ❤️

  51. Love decorating my moms house for the holidays!! Something so special about the music, cold weather and being with family! We also like to watch hallmark movies! Lol! Love it 🙂

  52. So hard to pick my favorite thing but i’d have to say family time!! I’m in college and work so with all that at times I feel like I don’t get as much quantity time with my fam!! I also love our tradition of cutting down our own christmas tree and decorating it with all the Hallmark ornaments that we have been given from my grandma!! ❤️

  53. I love baking cookies with my family and watching fun hoidlay movies sitting by the fireplace! Especially with cozy blankets & hot chocolate!! 😍❤️

  54. Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds. This is time of year where I love spending time with my family and the ones I love most. I think the holidays brings us all to reflect what a wonderful year we had and what our goals and resolutions are for the next year. Last year, my mom mentioned finally redesigning and giving herself the dream kitchen they’ve always wanted and this year they made it happen. It came out beautiful and I’m so happy for my parents because they really work their butts off! It’s not about food or gifts for me, The holidays bring our family close together and I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way. <3

  55. Its really hard to say!! Everything about this season is magical.. decorations, cozy clothes, fireplace, hot chocolate, xmas music, scented candles.. literally everything

  56. My favorite things about the holidays has got to be coming together as a family to cook and decorate for Christmas. Definitely love to watch those Christmas movies!! 🎄

  57. Love to go for an evening skate and then come home to hot chocolate and a corny christmas movie in snuggly winter pjs!

  58. I’m from Australia But living in Canada (“coldest capital in the world – jan sometime 2017”) I’m use it being boiling hot in the holidays but since experincing my first white Christmas my fav thing to do it spending the day in my onesie making margaritas with my girls watching holiday movies ❤️

  59. Hi, I’m a new follower and absolutely loving your style and personality!
    My favorite thing to do around the holidays is getting cozy with my little family! Movies, hot cocoa and lots of cuddles!!

  60. Hey boo!

    My favorite holiday activity would involve driving around looking at Christmas lights (wine in hand) obviously always the passenger :). Another favorite of mine is snuggling up with my love and fur baby with popcorn, hot cocoa and hallmark Christmas movies on repeat. He’s such a trooper!

    Happy holiday to you and yours!

  61. Hi there Kasey, I adore almost everything about the holidays, but my favorite part is dressing up super festive for work. I am a Registered Nurse at my local Emergency Center and nothing makes me happier than to know that I can bring some extra joy to my patients on what could be the worst day of their lives. Those ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday light-up necklaces really do turn most frowns upside down! This also makes it a touch easier to be away from family and friends on the holidays!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and merry holiday season! xoxox

  62. Favorite thing to do during the holidays is cooking during the holidays! I love sharing food with family and friends!

  63. My favorite thing to do every year is make cookies with my brother and mom. We all live in different parts of the country, are completely different people but every year we spend a whole day making sugar cookies and designing them. It’s funny how they all reflect our different personalities 🙂

  64. I absolutley LOVE to bake a whole bunch of different cookies with my mom and my sister while watching It’s a Wonderful Life!!!

  65. My favorite things to do during the holidays is curling up in front of the fire place with my husband and kids, eating homemade Christmas cookies with frosting and sprinkles (of course) and watching Elf and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Their belly laughs and ear to ear smiles fill my heart with so much JOY every time!

  66. I love your home! My favorite thing to do is spending time with family and friends. Even with the craziness of the holidays, I love to just take a moment to slow down and cozy up by the fire with a great movie and my favorite people. I live far from my family so being with my framily (friends who are family) makes my heart just as warm and happy 🙂

  67. My favorite things to do during the holidays is curling up in front of the fireplace with my husband and kids, eating homemade sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles (of course) and watching Elf and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Their belly laughs and ear to ear smiles melt my heart EVERY TIME!

  68. Favorite thing to do is our random acts of kindness at Christmas. We as a family put together gift times for strangers. Such as cookie mixes with cutters or wrapping paper with tape and ribbon. We had them out at community events or church. It love it!!! My kiddos think it’s the greatest part of the Christmas season!

  69. Hey Kasey! Your cozy decor looks beautiful, so inspiring! I have a few favorite things I love doing around the holidays. I love decorating our tree with my family, watching White Christmas with my mom, baking (a lot) and driving through the neighborhood to look at holiday lights! 🙂

  70. I just love spending time with my family. Family is so important to me since I lost both of my parents 2 years ago. My husband and son have been such a great support team since then. So family time during the holidays is the most important to me. Just being with each other is all I need❤️

  71. We love to go to a local garden center that decorates to the nines for Christmas and then out for a family dinner at a nice restaurant. We do it every year!

  72. Hey Kasey,

    My absolute favorite thing to do for the holidays is the day after Thanksgiving, to pack away all the turkey decor, pumpkins, and mums ..then, I turn up the Christmas music, pull out the tree, ornaments, and all of the white, gold, and silver fixings. All the stockings, front porch decor, and lights. Everything. And spend the ENTIRE day cleaning, rearranging, and decorating. With the music turned up and those little sugar cookies with the Santa’s imprinted on them baking, I go into my own little world while I’m decorating. It’s perfect. Then.. when it’s all said and done, I love to just sit on the couch with the fireplace on, and embrace everything that I had just done and ponder on all of the memories that will be made that year. So that’s my favorite thing about the holidays.

  73. I love to snuggle up with my puppy on my couch -of course lots of pillows and blankets- have a chai latte and a hot apple pie with vanilla icecream. Happy Holidays to you 💕

  74. In the past my family hasn’t really kept up with traditions; however, being a new mommie [baby boy just turned 1 last week] I would love to start some. Some things that I have in mind is doing a new winter/holiday activity every weekend from thanksgiving until Christmas Day. Be it making s’mores, watching Christmas movies, decorating the house, picking out the tree, hot coco in our pj’s, etc. &/or traveling every year together for the new year opening.

  75. I love hanging out with my sisters drinking wine by a fire, snuggled up for a night in hanging around talking and watching Home Alone & Elf on repeat.

    This knit blanket is EVERYTHING, and would make what I love to do for the holidays even better!!

  76. I love spending time with my two kids and my husband during the holidays. We are cozy people as well and love watching Christmas movies and playing together in the same room with lots of blankets and pillows. xo.

  77. My favourite thing to do during the holidays is to get into cozy clothes, curl up by the fire with a blanket and watch Christmas movies (All I want for Christmas) with a glass of wine:)

  78. Favorite thing honestly is walking out of starbs with a hot drink and it making my insides all warm and fuzzy (like that blanket *wink* lol). But seriously, living in Florida that RARELY happens, so when it does, it makes it sooo perfect and soo worth the $5 drink lol. But either way, I know I won’t win cause I have no luck BUT I love watching this girl and all her realness that just to jump into one of her things is fun! Well, congrats to the future winner! 💜💜

  79. Hi Kasey! I have six kids so we LOVE to play games. Wear our pajamas. Drink good wine. Snowboard but most importantly we love to go explore Christmas lights around Portland.

  80. Our favorite thing to do during the holidays is having friends come together and making an outside fire while watching the Aurora and drinking hot toddys.

  81. My favorite thing about the holidays is baking a ton of cookies with my mama and dancing around in the kitchen with her ! We always end up making a big mess and cracking up !

  82. I love everything about the holidays. The joy in my child’s eyes is probably one of my favorites. His excitement makes me happy. I do also enjoy snuggling up next to the fireplace with a good book to read and a cup of coffee. Also, decorating my tree while listening to Christmas music! Just a few of my favorite things.

  83. I love our holiday traditions! Specifically, I love the day after Thanksgiving. Every year my family goes to get a big brunch together (because why not continue to stuff ourselves just one more day..??) and then we pick out our Christmas tree together! It’s such a fun family tradition and who doesn’t love the smell of a real Christmas tree?! We also always watch holiday movies together and eat chili.. my favorite movie is most definitely “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

  84. My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is… oh my gosh hard to narrow it down to just one!!! I love to bundle up in cozy clothing, preferably a sweater, leggings, fuzzy socks, warm boots and my favorite scarf, and walk around outdoor shops! Window shopping with a cup of hot cocoa and looking up at all of the Christmas lights feels nostalgic and comforting! I love it! Hope your holiday season is everything you could ever want! 😍

  85. My favorite thing to do over the holidays since I live in Montana is to go to the Christmas markets in the smaller towns to shop the homemade crafts and bake goods. The little shops in the rural towns are so dang cute and so friendly. The ice sculpture contests are fun to watch, the dances in the evenings in the barns decorated with Italian mini white lights and the fun bands playing. The best little coffee shops with French Press pots of Montana fresh roasted coffee is amazing! Seeing older models of pickups with Christmas wreaths on front of their pickups, and of course the falling snow up against the towns old street lights. The background of the mountains and even in some towns the ski slopes take you right to town. Always time for a sleigh ride too and then cozy up to something warm to drink by the fire, inside or out.

  86. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is bake, but a close second is hallmark Christmas movies!! I would love to snuggle up with my daughter with that blanket to watch some of those movies with some Christmas goodies😍😍

  87. I’m all about cozy spaces in my home this fall/winter! Not only for my family – but for our holiday guests too. My absolute favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving & Christmas – after everyone eats, we all cuddle up and watch movies together – all 15-20+ of us. With blankets, slippers, popcorn… love it!

  88. Really enjoyed your home tour! It’s beautiful, tasteful, cozy and you crushed it on the details. During the winter holiday season, my ideal day is a few hours on the slopes (I also live in a ski town), apré happy hour (usually a Spanish Coffee), a hot bath and then building a fire to cozy up next to and strive to stay awake past 8pm. 😴 The best!

  89. Opening one Christmas present with family on Christmas Eve, then settling down to watch White Christmas! Can’t wait! XO
    -Chenoa |

  90. Happy Holidays Kasey! One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is decorating. My family and I have this tradition where we go to each other’s houses and help each other decorate while drinking egg nog mixed with rum and listening to our fav holiday jams!
    Xo, Candice

  91. My favorite things to do during the holidays are baking with the love of my life, watching Christmas movies & snuggling on the couch.
    Happy Holidays to the Dixons. ❤️🐶

  92. Ok FIRST let’s talk about how absolutely gorgeous this post is! Love the decor! Your style is gorg! I have too many favourite things to do in the winter/holidays but decorate is high on that list! My tree is already up! Christmas music is another favourite and doing doughnuts in the snow in my car is a pretty fun fav too!! ❤️❤️

  93. Every year since I was little, my Grandmother would take me and my siblings to pick out a Christmas ornament (one for each of us, our choice). We would get so excited. It’s a tradition I love so much that I started collecting ornaments in every new city I visit every time I travel all year long. My favorite thing during the holidays is getting out all the new ornaments collected that year and adding them to the tree. I can’t wait to do the same with my kids one day. 🙂

  94. Love how you styled everything!! Super cute! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is baking all the holiday treats for family and friends. And decorating of course!

  95. Watch Christmas movies and drink warm peppermint flavored drinks!!!! Just had our first babe so I’m sure we will create a new fav family tradition ❤️

  96. Love decorating the house with my kiddos- they each also have a small artificial tree in their rooms they decorate how they want giving them a voice to their style! Then curling up watching those cheesy cutesy Hallmark holiday movies and of course A Christmas Story! Thanks for all of the holiday inspiration:)

  97. Hi Kasey! My favorite thing about the holidays is when everything just slows down for a bit. It’s a chance to enjoy time with family. Baking, decorating, and watching Christmas movies (It’s A Wonderful Life is my very fave). Hope you have a wonderful upcoming holiday season. xo, Megan

  98. I started a tradition with my son 5 years ago when he was 3. I would pretend like I was getting him ready for bed and then to his surprise he would find a golden ticket in his bed like the Polar Express. He got to redeem it for popcorn and a ride around town to look at Christmas lights that evening. Now he’s older and still plays along with his little sister who is 3. It’s so fun to see the wonder in their faces.

  99. Be surrounded by family just drinking vino and half drunkenly laughing hysterical over stories and memories 🙂

  100. Hiya!

    ~ I love looking through your blog, especially when I need design inspiration!

    During the holidays I enjoy sitting by the warm crackly fire with my hubby, next to the soft glow of our Christmas tree lights. I absolutely love light!😊

    Angela Ritchie

  101. I absolutely loveeee snuggling by the fireside with a warm blanket, fuzzy socks, and christmas coffee 😻 along with watching christmas movies with the snow falling outside ❄️💙

  102. Love to sit by the fire with a cup of
    Homemade cider. But most of all
    Spend time making memories with my
    Family. Love your home and you have a fabulous personality!

  103. I LOVE gift giving and coordinating the wrapping paper/bows/tags. I live for giving awesome, thoughtful gifts that are unique and then putting together the cutest wrapping paper theme each year.

  104. Spending time with family and friends! My family started a new tradition of seeing a Broadway show together and we are continuing it this year! I’m really excited about it, it’s so much fun!!!

  105. I love baking with my family and watching fun hoidlay movies sitting by the fireplace! Especially with cozy blankets! 😍❤️

  106. I love spending time with my family and friends – whether we are baking in the kitchen or laughing around the fireplace. This year will be extra special with my first bundle of joy joining us any day now!

    Love your home and your insight on how to create the perfect inviting environment!

  107. That blanket looks amazingly comfy! I love the holidays for all the family time and decorating! Best time of the year♡

  108. Happy Holidays 🤗 my most favorite things during the holidays are traveling, decorating, spending time with my nephews and of course shopping around for loved ones! Nothing better than gift giving and seeing a smile on another’s face! 💕

  109. I love shopping for Christmas gifts for family and friends, baking sugar cookies, watching HALLMARK Christmas MOVIES and snuggling with my boyfriend and 3 cats by the fireplace in a cozy blanket!!!!

  110. My favorite thing to do is blare Christmas music while we decorate our tree and then get our 3 dogs and curl up and watch It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s my ALL TIME favorite Christmas movie.

  111. Hanging with family and my sweet niece, listening to Christmas music and watching Hallmark movies! Obsessed with this blanket!!!!!’ Been wanting a big cozy blanket for forever! 😍🎄

  112. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to bake (and eat!) Christmas cookies at home with my mama! Growing up, her family would get an assortment of cookies at a local Polish bakery in Chicago, but she started making them herself when the bakery switched from using butter to margarine (understandable). She is now up to making 15 different cookies every year!

  113. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is definitely enjoying a glass of wine, curled up in a blanket next to the Christmas tree!

  114. What a great giveaway, I’ve always wanted one of those cozy blankets! My favorite thing this season is to spend time with family and cook or I should say just eat all the delicious food!

  115. Every year at Christmas time I get to go back to my roots. I left northern New Mexico to peruse my dreams but I always dream that someday I will go back. But Christmas every year is when I get a little slice of home. The tamales. The luminarias. The love of my gigantic family and the true sense of feeling at peace. This visit every winter with the snow covered cactus and the glow of candles grounds me go into the new year peaceful and renewed. Christmas time and the holiday season always brings my soul and my mind back to ease.

  116. I love making hot chocolate, snuggling up and doing on a walk with my hubby to look at Christmas lights! It’s one of my most favorite traditions!!

  117. My favorite thing to do diring the holidays is bake for my family and then cuddle on the couch as we watch Christmas movies

  118. Omg! What don’t I like to do during the holidays? My favorite things are baking and wrapping gifts for friends and fam.

  119. First off, your house is just goals. Love the details you put in to make it extra cozy! Can I get a redo on my house? Ha! Hard to pick just one favorite thing to do around the holidays, but I do love baking my grandmas Christmas cookies with my kids and driving around looking at Christmas lights!

  120. Hi Kasey! By far, my favorite thing to do over the holidays is to decorate our home and transform it into our own little piece of magic.

  121. Wow! Been eyeing that blanket since last year, l would love to have it this holiday cozy in my living room!😍 pick me!🙋‍♀️ I love to read christmas stories to my little girls infront of our old fireplace on holidays.

  122. That chunky knit is my absolute fav!!!! We just moved to Denver from L.A. so I am looking for all the cozies and your farmhouse is such an inspo! I love hosting lots of Friends holiday parties during the holidays! I love all the dressing up with Wine, food, friends, family!

  123. Christmas caroling is like a lost art! So my sister and I take our kids around our neighborhood. It’s such a simple act of kindness and cheer and really creates so much joy for them and for us!

  124. Every year my kids and I love to decorate sugar cookies! And for outside we build a snow fort because here in northern Wisconsin we get a ton of snow:)

  125. Love decorating the tree, binge watching hallmark movies, lighting the fireplace and baking Christmas cookies all season long!

  126. Sit in front of the fire with a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate if it’s late at night) and watch Christmas movies while eating all the tin can popcorn. Is there any other way to do the holidays?

  127. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is everything… 😂 But really, I love being with family that we don’t see often and cooking together. Watching Christmas movies (the grinch on repeat). My favorite time of year 💚

  128. I love seeing extended family all be together and smile. I sit back and take it all in. Then our family makes a point to go around and visit those who are unable to leave their homes and we hope to bring smiles to their hearts because that is the greatest gift 🎁 ❄️💕! I love your Cozy Home and your Awesome Views!!

  129. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! So, naturally, you must decorate! I’m a seasonal decorator, so it’s my fave combined with all the holiday music and movies!

  130. Snuggle with my sisters! We love watching Christmas movies (it’s a wonderful life, for sure) in a dog pile on the couch whenever we can all get back home for the holidays.

  131. Happy Holidays, Kasey! Love your new home and have enjoyed watching you pull it all together!! I love baking for the holidays with my daughter and then enjoying those treats with the rest of our family and friends ❤️

  132. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is drink hot chocolate by the fire and watch the snow fall!❄️

  133. Girl, honestly my favorite thing to do during the holidays is to blow shit up with my family. Grab a rifle, a washer machine and some tannerite, and BOOM that washer machine has done set sail in the air! 🙂

  134. I’m an Aussie girl from Sydney so my favourite thing to do during the holidays has always been bbq’s on the beach, boating around the harbour, bush walks along the coast! But this year, I am so excited to get snuggly and have my first ever cold (and hopefully white!) Christmas! I’m living in Chicago and I’m excited to go to the Christmas market, drink mulled wine, go ice skating in the park, watch an ice hockey game, wear warm snuggly Christmas themed pyjamas, cook comfort food like soups, and I am in desperate need of that snuggly wool blanket to keep me warm in my first northern hemisphere winter! Thanks for doing a giveaway Kacey, so generous! Also when is Boozie coming to Chicago?!

  135. My favorite thing to do is go ice skating in downtown with my sweet hubs and kiddos! Then go inside for hot chocolate to warm up! 💕

  136. My favorite thing to do during holiday season is to decorate , bake and just spend time with family. Happy holidays 🤞❄️☃️🎄

  137. Every year I can’t wait for the fall/winter to enjoy the weather drinking some hot anything cuddling with the hubby, shortly after married we were joined by our son and last year our daughter joined too. This year it’ll be 4 of us cuddling together! Let’s not forget our frenchie Opie and Jax our pug.

  138. Nothing beats cuddling in the sofa with my (not so) baby boy, watching Christmas movies or just looking at the twinkling Christmas tree.

  139. I love Anything warm and cozy and of course stylish .. durning the holidays I feel My house with warm smelling candles 🕯.. I’m usually not so good with details but I do My best to give my home a touch of Christmas 🎄 my boys are grown so I go through old pics of the boys when they were young and pic out a few and place them on the tree 🌲.. my boys are my holidays ❤️

  140. Gimme all the blankets! My favorite thing is to cuddle up on the couch with my hubs watching Christmas movies with only the Christmas tree lights on! 🎄😍💑

  141. Christmas lights on, glass of wine in hand, popcorn on lap, & The Holiday on the TV. (Any Hallmark movie will work too)

  142. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to spend time with my close family and friends, reminisce on great memories and spend time in the outdoors! 🙂

  143. Your home is all the goals, just stunning and so cozy- I’m obsessed. And that blanket you’re giving away —> it’s been on my wishlist for 3 years now, looks devine!!!

    One of my favorite things to do with my family during the holiday season is get hot cocoa from a local coffee shop we love and scope out neightbroboods for Christmas lights ~ it’s just magical and we get to spend time together outdoors and let’s be real, you can’t not be smiling when looking at Christmas lights!!!

    P.S. My sister recommended me your page, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. You’re hilarious and gorgeous and your instastories are the best!!!

  144. I love to go to the top of our local mountain to see Santa, the reindeer, ice skate, play in the snow and have hot chocolate ❤️

  145. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake all of the desserts and then share them with my friends and family so that we all gain weight together 🙂

  146. Every year, my church does this huge annual Christmas play with like live camels and elephants. HAHA! It’s a huge thing in North Houston and everyone dresses up formally and stuff. It’s just so fun! But it’s by far the thing I’ve looked forward to the most growing up!
    Love your personality! Keep doing you!!!

  147. I love spending time with family and pretending that I don’t hate the movie Its a Wonderful Life so I don’t get called a scrooge

  148. My favorite time of year is hands down Christmas time ! A time to relax , put my feet up by the fire & watch hallmark movies ! Favorite thing to do is spend time with my 4 growing kids making memories! Your house is gorgeous, and I look forward to your insta stories everyday !! ❤️

  149. I love your passion for your home, it looks so cozy! Favorite thing: Having my annual holiday cookie decorating event with family and friends! Happy Holidays!

  150. Spending time with family, especially when we put our phones away and spend all day playing card games without any distractions. And all of the delicious food, of course. Hope you have a happy holiday season!

  151. During the holidays I love to spend time traveling to see all my relatives, taking photos of all the memories we create on the holidays and having my first baby here this holiday just making sure he’s getting lots of love. ❤️ Wishing you the best holidays. 🎄

  152. Happy Holidays Kasey!! 😊 This time of the year is 10000% perfect for skiing with family and friends during the day then once it’s dark watching some good ole holiday movies such a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is always a winner with some hot chocolate 🎄☕️

  153. Okay so obsessed with this blanket! I recently started following you and I live in Kansas City sooo kind of obsessed with you too! I’m such a homebody so I love to cuddle up with some Peppermint tea and my heated lavender neck pillow. ~Current Situation~

  154. Being with family. Being cozy. Spreading lots of love. Trying best to stay healthy. Decorating. Wrapping presents! Hmmm just too much to list!

  155. Hey Kasey! My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is to either bake a bunch of sweets for the family, or I normally go and help out at the food banks and shelters and especially for the families in need, because I know what it’s like to wonder if you’re going to have power on Christmas.

  156. I love the joy of the season. Baking cookies with my mom and grandma is a sweet tradition we have that I’ll always be able to remember.

  157. I love to hang out with my family and eat and drink a bunch of delicious stuff. Maybe next year we’ll be drinking Boozie!

  158. Obsessed with your home! My new favorite holiday tradition is waking up early with my nephew on Christmas Eve and making pancakes with him. He said to his mom the other day “remember when I made pancakes with Lauli? I hope we do that every year forever.” He’s the best!

  159. This is my dream blanket, but I’ve never been able to afford one. To win would be a dream! My favorite part of the holidays is seeing it through my children’s eyes. I’m a single mother of three- 2, 4 & 8 years old. We love to bake together and do all of the festive things we can. Ice skating on the beach in San Diego is one pretty awesome thing we are going to do this year.
    Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  160. I love to sit by the fireplace with my family and sip on some spiked hot chocolate while binge watching Elf!

  161. I love the bustle of the Holidays! Whether it’s excitement, cheer, chaos, whatever, I enjoy that we can all come together around a communal feeling. When that happens, I like to take a step back to appreciate. I also love to eat, all the food! Cheers!

  162. I love a good movie day during the Holidays with the family, especially when it’s gloomy outside. We make hot chocolate and bake cookies and snuggle up and watch a movie together!

  163. I love the holidays! Watching the grinch, quoting it the entire time 🙂 decorating the tree and being surrounded by people you love! My husband and I got married over a year ago and this will be the first holiday we have in our home together. Can not wait for long distance to be over and enjoy the holidays together!

  164. I love spending time with family! Sitting by the tree at night, drinking wine.
    Attending the Christmas Eve service at church.

  165. Lately it’s been traveling with my husband. Owning his own business, Christmas Time is the best time to travel when business is also. Other than that Christmas dinner with friends and family.

  166. I love holiday parties, getting dressed up, all the decorations and the great energy in the air. ❤️ 🎁🎄🤶🏻🎅🏻

  167. My favorite winter activity…hot cocoa, fire place going, cozy blanket, and IG…I love catching up on what my fav influencers and bloggers are into! So much inspo!!! I’m dying over this cozy chunky knit blanket to keep my piggies warm and toasty!

  168. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spend time with my mom (who lives on the opposite coast) laughing and making memories…and watching the joy of Xmas through my 3 kids eyes. So thankful for my family!!

  169. I love baking and cooking during the holidays with my mom and sister!

    Love your style- keep giving us more content! 😍

  170. My fave thing is to watch the light turn on at the Plaza and decorate and eat and eat and open presents with family and eat!

  171. Happy Holidays!! I cannot wait to see your Thanksgiving and Christmas decor. I love to decorate for every holiday. My favorite part is decorating Christmas trees. My grandmother used to work at a flower shop and she taught me all of her tricks. I use them all still today and decorate my mom’s trees too.

  172. Hey Kasey! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is drinking peppermint hot chocolate in the car while taking a tour of the most decorated neighborhoods. I love Christmas lights and exterior decorations.

  173. The best part of the holidays is baking cookies at my grandmas house! She goes all out for the holidays and nothing feels more like home than hanging out with her. 🍪🎄

  174. I love getting together with family and cozying up by the fire! Especially this year, my first holiday season living away from home!! Also love decorating and listening to Christmas music!

  175. HO HO HO! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!! My favorite part of the holidays is taking time for one another. My husband is a Boston Police Officerso, I unfortunately don’t get to spend many holidays with him because he volunteers to work for the men and woman who have children so they can all be together. BUT I do get to celebrate with him in our own way no matter what day it is we “pretend” it’s Christmas and open gifts then! My sisters husband is also a Vet and in law enforcement so they do they same! Being with family is my favorite part! And dressing up to eat in my moms kitchen 😂

  176. My favorite is sitting around with the family Christmas Eve, watching Home videos of the family from years back. A lot of the family in the videos have passed so it’s always special to feel like they are still a part of the holidays forever 💗

  177. Curling up on the couch on a cozy afternoon with a good book and reading until I doze off for a nice nap. ❤️

  178. Very favorite is my family time snuggling with my hubby and daughters watching Home Alone while having a winter candle lit and Christmas tree white lights twinkling!!

  179. Love this! It’s gonna have to be watching a Christmas story on repeat 😂😂and Christmas morning w my family

  180. My favorite thing to do is take my nieces to go and buy a Christmas tree, then take them to Starbucks for some hot chocolate!!! Then we come home and watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!!! It’s our tradition and I need to take advantage before they don’t want to hang out with auntie!!

  181. Okay,where do I begin. I love the holiday season. From baking sugar cookies to snuggling on the couch with my hubby and baby watching christmas movies. The whole season makes me smile for several months straight. One highlight for our family is going to get our christmas tree and decorating. Its always a festival experience!

  182. I love your decor! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is wrap presents! I’m all about mixing/matching paper prints, always adding a bow and customizing a name tag for each person! The more gifts to wrap, the better!

  183. My absolute favorite has always been Christmas morning. Waking up and opening presents under the tree while in our PJs. Now with little kiddies making those memories with them is priceless. Also – just the feeling you get when your home is decorated for Christmas- it was always my favorite memory growing up and hope it will be for my babies as well.

  184. My favorite thing to do is shop for holiday gifts! One for you, one for me, two for you, two for me… Oh, that’s not how it’s supposed to go?! 😉

  185. For the Holidays all my kids and their family come back home and we go to Leavenworth and stay a few days before Christmas.Play games ,wine tasting and sledding.🤶🏻🎅🏻So blessed.. ✝️

  186. This is an easy one for me!!! My most favorite thing to do during the holidays is to get all cozy on the couch with an amazing blanket and the fire place going, with nothing but the lights on from the Christmas tree and of course a marathon of Hallmark Christmas movies!!! Ps… added bonus if my mom is around to join me! Happy Holidays to you and yours also! ☃️⛄️❄️❄️🎄🎄🎄🎅🏼🎅🏼🤶🤶

  187. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is bake goodies with my 4 beautiful lovies! The kids and I love putting on some old Christmas 🎄 music while making some memories in the kitchen. We usually end the night with a Christmas movie 🎥 as well!

  188. Holidays time ! Love spend time with the hubs and my two little puppies 🐶🐶all snuggled up on the couch with a cozy blankie and sipping on some hot cocoa 😍

  189. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorating, buying fall scented candles and spending time with family. Happy holidays to you Kasey!!

  190. Hi Kasey, I love cooking a yummy gumbo for the fam and cozying up by a fireplace!! Those cool fireplace nights are few and far between down here so we have to take advantage!
    Loving your home!!

  191. I love to turn off all the lights in the house and sit in the glow of the tree lights. Usually w a glass of wine. 🎄🍷

  192. My absolute favorite thing to do during the holiday is volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house!!! It is so wonderful to make the families and children smile and have a delicious meal during the holiday. We just had a 7 month old and will be bringing him along this year 🙂 💕❤️

  193. My favorite thing about the holidays is dressing up for all the fancy holiday parties and spending time with friends and family. I can’t wait to pop open some Boozie!

  194. Love making some comfort food, having a glass (or a few) or wine and cozying by a fire! So relaxing and actually makes me enjoy the winter!! Idk how you do it in Idaho, NJ is way too cold for me! I think I’d tough it out for a house like yours, it’s SO beautiful!!

  195. My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is being with family, enjoying hot chocolate by the fire while listening to Christmas music! 🎄❤️

  196. Happy holidays! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is cook and spend quality time with family! Best way to do that is with a big meal in front of you so you can all talk about how you’re all going to nap after 😂

  197. FREAKING JELLY ABOUT YOUR SNOW! favorite things the do during the holidays is binge watch the Hallmark Channel with the hubby, decorate our little condo for Christmas and spend some quality time with the family. Our families live far away so theirs only a few of us. I’m 31 years old and I always look forward to the gingerbread house competition at my moms house on Christmas Eve.

  198. Hi Kasey! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to listen to Christmas music and drive around looking at lights!

  199. My fav thing to do around this time of year is to watch xmas movies, snuggle in bed with a hot chocolate while burning leaves candle from B&B works!!

  200. Hey girl🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️!!! My fav thing to do during the holidays is shop and be with my family! ❄️❄️ I love that knit blanket and it looks so pretty in your home! XOXO✨

  201. Every year in Dallas, my parents and I tour the Highland Park Christmas lights. We end our stroll with a visit to the always busy Highland Park Village Starbucks to grab our fav hot drinks and window shop the outdoor area with the extra beautiful decked out holiday decor.

  202. Hi Kasey! I love wrapping gifts – the patterns, the bows, the ribbons, the nametags, tissue, you name it – I completely nerd out over it! 🤓 I think it helps make the person I’m giving the gift to feel extra special! And let’s face it, it looks AMAZING under a lit tree.

  203. Being with family. But if I’m just at home I love to watch a Christmas movies allllll day every day with a cozy blanket. But I have a baby so that’s not reality but a girl can dream.

  204. Hi Kasey! I love gift wrapping presents – the different papers, the bows, the ribbons … I completely nerd out over it! 🤓 So much fun!

  205. My favorite holiday thing to do is go to my favorite Christmas tree farm and pick out this years christmas tree! Then take it home and decorate it. Once the tree is up and ready then it definitely feels like the holidays!

  206. Hi Kasey(and Janet….because I love her),

    I love going to my hometown to see my family….which always includes drinking festive cocktails (boozie next time) and eating Moms cooking until I can’t move. Then ending the night cuddling by the fire with my two dogs, Becker and Buckley 🙂

  207. I love the decorating! (Not taking it all down though. Wah wah) Then once everything is decorated, I love to just sit and enjoy it, probably with a classic movie on.

  208. Hey kasey! I just love your style! You have inspired me to eat better! I hope to follow along so that I don’t feel so terrible come January. I actually thought about attempting to make one of these blankets! 😂 but we all know how that works out!

  209. Hi kasey! I love your style. This upcoming holiday I will be celebrating my graduation from
    College! So that will be my favorite thing to celebrate this upcoming winter. But other than that I love going up north with my family & sitting by the fire with a large bottle of wine & just chit chatting & laughing by the fireplace!

    Love your style!


  210. My favorite things to do during the holidays: bake cookies, watch Christmas movies and snuggle up with friends and family!

  211. Aside from snuggling up by the fireplace (because, duh), my favorite thing to do during the holidays is make super fun holiday cocktails! I love making yummy drinks for my friends to try, and any excuse to have a cocktail party at home is alright with me!!

  212. Hi kasey, my favorite thing to do during the holidays is to give back to the community. Every year my husband and I make baskets filled with blankets and winter coats for homeless families! What better way to spread holiday cheer then to give back to the less fortunate. I love how you styled the blanket your house it looks so cozy!

  213. I love that week between Christmas and New Year’s when the whole world slows down. I feel this sigh of relief that it’s okay to slow down and enjoy my family, unplug a bit and squeeze in some family movies and snuggles!

  214. My fav holiday activity is decorating our Christmas tree and making homemade pizzas at the same time. Plus some 🍷. I look forward to it every year!

  215. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. Spending quality time with family and friends snuggled up next to a fire with wine and cheese is my go to! Of course with some snow falling outside.

  216. Hi kasey! My favourite thing to do during the holidays is snuggle up by the fire and watch Christmas movies! I also love giving gifts!

  217. I love the holidays so much! My favorite thing to do is bake cookies and put them in sweet little tins and give them to neighbors, work, and family. My family watches a few holiday movies together EVERY year including but not limited to elf(my personal fave), a Christmas story, and Christmas vacation. It doesn’t snow a whole lot here in Virginia Beach but it does get cold. Curling up with a cozy blanket with my entire family surrounding me and watching one of those movies is something I always looks forward to.

  218. Hi Kasey! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to give back to the community. My husband and I love to give baskets of clothes to families in need. We are so grateful for all that we have, so what better way to spread holiday cheer then to give back to those less fortunate! I love how you style your home espically during the holidays! That blanket is perfectly cozy!

  219. Reading the book “Plum Pudding for Christmas” to my two sons on Christmas Eve…..and they are ages 21 and 17 (such good boys) Hahahaha ~ Happy Holidays!

  220. First of all I am obsessed with your blog and your style!! such a big fan haha ❤

    Honestly my favorite thing to do during the holidays isn’t anything glamorous at all but this tradition with my family means so so much to me. Every beginning of December my family and I go around our area and look at all the christmas decor people put up. We drive around for hours and just sit and talk and reminisce and sing along to christmas songs in the car and it’s honestly just one of my favorite bonding moments my family does. I’ll treasure those memories forever ❤

  221. Hi Kasey!!

    My favorite thing to do during the holidays has to be spending time with my loved ones watching holiday movies and decorating!! Your blog and insta is such an inspiration to my style! Thanks for sharing all that you do!

    Elyse xoxo

  222. I love to decorate for Christmas and go home to see our families! My husband and I live in Austin, but both of our families live back in Arkansas!!! So excited for boozie, I drink trulys all the time, so I know I will love it!!!

  223. I cannot believe it’s that time of year again! I stole major inspo from you for my own HOT CHOCOLATE BAR! peppermint hot chocolate is my favourite! One of my favourite things about the holidays xxxx your place looks so cozy.

  224. It’s so hard to pick just one!! I’d say baking Christmas cookies while listening to Christmas music! ❤️

  225. My favorite thing to do to do during the holidays is fly home and spend time with the family! When I’m not with them, I’m enjoy baking cookies and watching all the hallmark movies!

  226. My favorite thing is snuggling next to the lit tree, in front of the range, watching holiday movies (along with some seasonal tasties) with my hubby!

  227. Hola!! So basically I live for this time of year!! I love all the decor, baking, spending time and making memories with my kids. Cold night snuggled up in front of our fireplace enjoying each other’s company as a family, playing card games and stuffing our faces is a typical weekend during the holidays. Oh and watching all those cheesy Christmas movies😍😍 yes please!!

  228. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to spend time with family and friends! I’ve got family and friends spread all over the country and the holidays are one of the few times we’re are together at the same time!

  229. Love you and your blog so much. I seriously religiously watch your IG stories, they give me LIFE. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is cuddle up on the couch with my laptop and watch it snow. It’s so therapeutic! I also love to eat, sled, hang out in front of the fire, buy my loved ones meaningful gifts, and hang out in the ski lodge whole my hubby snowboards. ❤️ Thanks for hosting this giveaway Kasey!

  230. Hey there! I loooove your home posts. My favorite thing to do during the holidays is eat my mom’s traditional meals! For thanksgiving she makes ham, creamed corn, mashed potatoes and gravy (basic but delish). Then comes Christmas and man…say hello to the food baby: fried walleye my dad caught, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, cornbread, and homemade craisin salad!

  231. Hi hi!! Ok so holidays- I LOVE to shop. I feel like its the only time of year where shopping constantly online/at the mall is acceptable. Plus gift giving is THE BEST! Pick me for your blaket giveaway!! XO

  232. My family and I have an annual movie night with a movie my nephews pick out. We cozy up to the fire place, all wear our pjs, and drink hocho!!!

  233. I love to spend time with my family and my pugs! It’s been a rough year with surgeries but my last one is November 19th! I’m a previvor!! I’m going to enjoy this holiday season the most because I was lucky enough to be proactive and not develop ovarian or breast cancer!!

  234. Happy early holidays ! My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing family and friends that I don’t see all year long. A lot of them work a lot so from November into January I get to see them and enjoy their company. That’s what I cherish and love the most. XO

  235. My favorite thing to do for the holidays is taking my nieces to buy a Christmas Tree, then going to Starbucks for their hot chocolate!! Followed by watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas!!! Gotta take advantage while their still young! This throw would be extra cuddly and they won’t want to leave their auntie’s house!

  236. I love just being home with my family, and just spend time with them!! I’ve been apart from them for almost a year, so I’m so excited to finally have them back and spend this next holiday with them:)

  237. Omgsh this blanket looks so cozy! During the holidays I especially love spending time with my family! We will go pick out Christmas trees, watch holiday movies, all the baking galore (like ginger bread and sugar cookies), and of course giving each other gifts! I’ve totally found as I get older I don’t even make a list of things I want anymore, it’s more exciting to buy for everyone else! I love watching them when they open what I got them! But of course Christmas is about Jesus and he’s taught me to be selfless and reflect! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

  238. Hi Kasey! So my husband and I host a yearly hot chocolate party for our friends! We began this tradition two years ago and fell in love with the cozyness of it all 🙂 We go ALL out on toppings and ask our friends to bring a baked good and then we watch a Christmas movie cause you know, you just gotta. I’m thinking this cozy throw would be the perfect addition to our living room situation 😉 Anyways, love your stuff girl…and your hilarious authentic self has me hooked!

  239. My favorite thing to do is take my nieces Christmas tree shopping and then to Starbucks for Hot Chocolate!! Followed by watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas!! We do it every year and I have to enjoy while they still love cuddling with their auntie! I bet this throw would keep them around!!! Enjoy your first snow in Idaho! It looks absolutely stunning!

  240. Hi Kasey! I love decorating for the holidays, baking and watching Christmas movies with my family. Love your style!!

  241. Every year my extended family has a Christmas tree tailgating party with coffee, cocoa and yummy treats. We all hunt for the perfect tree and then sit by a bonfire to chat and get new ornaments in a cute shop nearby. We will be going the day after Thanksgiving this year while my niece is home from college. It is her FAV tradition and has become mine as well! Also, can’t wait to snowboard all winter with my hubby and 2 girls.

  242. Hi there 👋🏼 My absolute favorite thing to do during the holidays is bundle up with some hot cocoa and drive around Reno/Tahoe (home) looking at Christmas lights! It’s a holiday tradition that my husband and I have been doing since I moved here 12 years ago. Followed close behind my is my second favorite tradition of having a Home Alone movie marathon sleepover in the living room!

  243. Hey y’all…I know this might sound crazy but my favorite holiday activity is thinking up and finding really personal gifts for each of the special people in my life. I just love giving them something that I’ve put a lot of attention and time into and having them love it!! This is followed by going to our local orchard and doing all the holiday things and eating all the amazing goodies they make. Yum!

  244. Hey!! Some of my favorite things to do during the holidays is baking while listening to Christmas music, having our annual Harry Potter marathon, watching all of the Christmas movies (particularly A Christmas Story), and buying gifts for all my family and friends 🙂

  245. Hi, my favorite thing to do during the holidays is going though food network and trying new recipes, watching Netflix and just hanging out with my boo.

  246. Hey girl hey! My favorite thing to do around the holidays is to be in the kitchen cooking/baking (and sipping on champagne of course!) with friends and family. There is nothing better than gathering around a bunch of food and drinks with the ones you love surrounded by gorgeous holiday decorations! ♥️

  247. I love to decorate the tree and have a candle burning while watching my favorite Christmas movies!!!! Love your feed! Your house is definitely my goals!!

  248. Happy day Kasey, This time of the year is my favorite season because. Everyday, when I go home, after school, I rest on my reclining chair with my puppy Lilly and this blanket would certainly help me wind down a get recharged to be ready to teach the following day. 🐶🍁❤️

  249. Seriously your whole house is a dream!! Love love love! Fav thing during the holidays would definitely be all the warm fires 🔥 once it gets cold enough.. which is super rare in SoCal unless you are talking about summer.. aka fire season for us lol

  250. Hi! Favorite activity is definitely baking something pumpkin-, cuddling up with a cocktail and watching movies! Nothing better! Jealous you are already getting snow!

  251. Happy Holidays!! It’s the best time of the year, IMHO! I think my favorite thing to do is a toss up between making holiday meals/desserts, watching Christmas movies, and decorating!

  252. Happy fall, Kasey! My favorite thing to do is go shopping and be involved in the hustle and bustle of the season! I love to grab a peppermint mocha and hit the mall to get things for my loved ones (and a thing or two for myself.) I also love to gather with friends, get cozy, and watch football!

  253. Loveeee that blanket! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to be cozied up by the fire with homemade hot coco. That moment on Christmas Day right after the presents have been opened and you’re hanging out with the fam by the fireplace is the perfect occasion for this activity!

  254. I love to make wassail during the holidays! 😋 ☕️ And of course watching Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation a million times! 🎄I hope to get snow in Texas this year. We never get too much where I am at!

  255. I LOVE our annual girls baking weekend! 100s of cookies, drinks, and memories are my favorite way to spend a winter weekend.

  256. Hi Kasey!
    My favourite thing to do is setting up the Christmas tree. My hubby, our now three kiddos and I put on the movie Elf, pour ourselves some eggnog and decorate our tree.
    And if I’m very honest eating Christmas cookies is another fav thing to do.
    Can’t wait to see how you style your home.

  257. Love your style and always love seeing how you put things together!!
    My favorite thing to do during the holidays is spending extra time with family around the fireplace with the Christmas tree lit up!! Nothing like it on a cold snowy evening😉 so excited about this giveaway and would LOVE to win a wool knit blanket to use this Christmas😍

  258. The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year. There is something about jingle bells, glistening lights, warm baked cookies, Hallmark movies, and holiday cheer that truly makes my heart warm. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

    One tradition that I look forward to every year is dressing up in holiday onesies with my sister, mother, and grandma. We traveling all around town looking for the best Christmas lights while sipping on hot coco. It’s moments and memories like this that I treasure every holiday.

  259. Some of my favorite things to do during the holidays is baking (because who doesn’t like sweets) , watching alll the Holiday films, and buying presents for all my friends and fam !!

  260. Hi Kasey!! There seriously isn’t enough days in the month for all my favorite things to do during the holidays, but if I had to choose it would be getting together with the ladies of my family and baking using all the older holiday recipes..and of course listening to Christmas music while decorating my house..I love the warmness of all the get togethers at church and friends houses, me and my lady boos get together around mid December and have a craft and baking night which is probably the highlight ☃️

  261. Spending time with my family and experiencing the joy of it ALL through my kids eyes (I have 3 crazy boys under 6)!!

  262. Hi, Kasey!
    My favorite thing to do during the holidays is RELAXING and being able to spend that time surrounded by loved ones and family♡

  263. Your home is so perfect! Love that you share it. I can’t wait to decorate the tree and head out to see Christmas lights with the hubs and baby for his first Christmas!

  264. Hi Kasey! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is decorate. There is nothing better than turning on some good holiday music or a good Christmas movie and sifting through my boxes of Christmas decorations. I just love preparing for my family to arrive and making my home a special and cozy place for us all to gather.

  265. Love, love , love to have movie nights with the fam or girlfriends. Includes cozy drinks (spiked hot cocoa and hot toddies) and the best snacks. Fireplace on, a chill in the air and viola, crazy cozy!

  266. Ooooh that’s a hard one! I enjoy lots of things.. snuggin with hot chocolate, baking, hosting Christmas parties, & spending time with my loved ones! Happy holidays Kasey!

  267. Happy Holidays! I have so many favorites it’s hard to narrow it down. 🙂 But some favorites are: watching Christmas movies, baking sugar cookies with my kids and assembling a Gingerbread house is a tradition for us. My most favorite would have to be our yearly tradition of going to the city (New York) to see the Rock Center tree, take phots with Santa, hot cocoa at the Plaza, see holiday windows, and the light show at Saks! We are going to try and fit ice skating in one of these weekends too. Thank you for this amazing giveaway. ❤️

  268. Hello! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is wrap gifts and cook my favorite Mexican holiday dishes. I’ve become a pro at wrapping gifts now everybody enjoys receiving the gifts mostly because of the wrapping lol! I’m always pinteresting unique ways to wrap gifts 🙂

  269. Love this post and just have to say that your Idaho home is maaajor house goals! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is baking + decorating sugar cookies for Santa with my two sisters (even though we’re all in our 20’s!). Over the years it’s turned into a little friendly competition as to who made the pretties cookies – so much fun!

  270. Hi Kasey! I love snuggling up with a blanket and a hot cup of tea while watching old christmas movies with my family (with matching pjs I might add)! It’s my favorite time of the year to simply relax and enjoy quality time with one another❤️

  271. The decorating gives me a type of feeling that is unmatched! Yes I’m a thanksgiving DECORATING skipper (I still celebrate the holiday itself just in a holly jolly way 😉). The lights and the traditions of the holidays make me so giddy! Honestly, all around this time of year makes my heart so full ❤️

  272. Considering I LOVE all the things during the Holidays it’s hard to pick! I’d have to say Decorating for Christmas with family and Christmas music playing is one of my favorites! And baking and eating all the food 😜💕

  273. Happy Fall! My favorite holiday activity is playing outside in the snow then coming inside to snuggle with a blanket by the fire. Followed by board games and a nice winter drink to warm you up! Happy holidays and happy first SNOW ❄️

  274. Love this! All time favorite thing to do is bake my cookies and make trays! I have Done it for 6 years and deliver them out to about 25 different homes now! I make About 18 different kinds!

  275. This time of year is my favorite!! My favorite way to spend the holidays is by hosting small get togethers. This year my boyfriend and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving!!


  276. Sitting around a fire with my sister-in-law and cousins while we drink coffee and homemade baileys. I would say shopping but I do that year-round so it’s not exclusive to the holiday season. 🙂

  277. My favorite thing to do is decorate!! I’m finally in a place that I take pride in and WANT to decorate and make cozy for our first holiday there! Nothing says COZY like this blanket sooo here I am trying for one!! (PS & super off topic, BUT I finally chopped my hair with your recommendation in mind! – loving it!!)

    Thanks for your constant inspiration!!!

  278. Happy almost Holidays! My favorite thing to do is to cook the Turkey with my mom, wear comfy warm clothes and spend time with family, and eat a lot!! On Christmas Eve we all have matching onesies we wear with our nicknames on the butt pockets its super funny! Since college mine has been getting a little tight though… Haha.

  279. I love doing holiday activities with my family like tree cutting, baking, deocrating, watching Christmas movies and just spending time together in the cozy weather! Happy Holidays!! 😊

  280. Happy holidays! What a beautiful blanket… NEED. Around the holidays I love to listen to Nsync’s Christmas album way too much – and of course spend time with loved ones. Thanks for your wonderful posts!!

  281. I have a few favorites….bringing snuggled by the fire watching hallmark Christmas movies, decorating the table for Thanksgiving & Christmas and of course cooking all our favorite holiday sides! 💗 you have such great style thanks for continuing to share

  282. HAPPY HOLIDAY’S KASEY!!! I love to bake! Although the holiday’s are normally VERY busy for me, I still like to bake. I normally bake a bunch of loaves of my grandmother’s homemade cinnamon bread for my family and a homemade vanilla pound cake. Those are the staples every year and normally I throw in a pie (or two) and some cookies. I also love curling up with a movie and hot chocolate when it is cold (or in Texas’ case chilly) outside.

    • I love to make home made goodies with my 3 kiddos for their teachers! Our favorite is Christmas bark. I love carrying on that tradition with them and hope one day they will pass it along the their kids.
      Love this blanket!!!

    • Hi Kasey! My favorite thing to do during the holidays is to DECORATE! I love sifting through my tubs of decorations while listening to some Christmas music or watching a Christmas movie preparing my living space for my family to enjoy.

    • I love the warm glow of white lights on my Christmas tree. It makes everything better whether binging tv, snuggling up or wrapping gifts.

      • LOVE that blanket! 😍 My favorite things to do during the holidays include cooking with my mom and grandmothers, sitting around a bonfire on my family’s land and listening to my grandparents tell stories from when they were growing up, drinking hot apple cider and just spending time with the whole family! Happy Holidays, Kasey!

    • Happy early holidays kasey!!! The holidays are. Y favorite time of the year! This December I will be graduating from college with a Bachelors degree! So this holiday my favorite things to do will be demanding graduation!! Other than that my favorite thing to do during the holiday season is to spend time with my family up north with a big bottle of wine, cozy blankets, & chit chatting by the fire place.

      Thanks for sharing your perfect style with us,

      • I love to eat Christmas cookies that someone else makes, while snuggled up in my thermal snowflake onesie and sipping on wine with a charcoal mask on and Christmas Vacation on repeat. Shitter’s Full, Janet! 🌲 🎅🏻 😜❌⭕️

  283. Ooohhh, I love the pillows and blankets! So cozy!
    I wish it would get cold in Texas already lol
    I think my favorite thing about the holidays is getting to decorate and plan for our Christmas Eve Dinner Party!
    This is definitely giving me some inspo for this years set up!

    • I love to go watch the Sun Valley ice skating at the SV Lodge on Christmas Eve with friends. There is free hot coco and free skating performance and a light parade down Dolar Mointan…
      Then going home and having a cozy bowl of homemade soup.
      Even though I live here it is a different special world created by Sun Vally Company…
      Oh and people travel from all over the world to be there tonight and our family has the privedge of driving 15 minutes to enjoy the Christmas festivities. Makes me Grateful!

    • Michigan gal here! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Since our winters are so brutal I love curling up inside watching the classic Christmas movies— I’m talking the VHS Original frosty and Rudolph.

      A nice cozy blanket would be the perfect addition.

    • Hi Kasey!
      I love lighting the house with holiday scented candles, watching Christmas movies, seeing the lights with friends and family, and of course decorating! Anything cozy always makes the holidays better!! Love this blanket and love your home inspiration!
      Happy Holidays!