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As many of you know I’m in the process of remodeling our home in Idaho… ya, it’s NO joke!  Ok, ok… it’s pretty much a new build.  We started with a decent remodel and now we basically took the house down to the studs, moved walls and added 1,000+ square feet.  My husband would say we are building a new house 😉  It’s pretty wild how far we’ve come in the last 6 months.  This home is a DREAM!  I grew up with my parents building and remodeling numerous homes.  My Dad’s been in Real Estate 40+ years and my Mother worked for Interior Designers growing up.  I’ve lived in 14+ houses during my childhood, so you could say I’m used to this process.  Trust me, the building and creating process is definitely in my genes.  This is the first time I’m doing it for my family and let me tell you, it’s a blast!! BUT I do have some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way…

[1] Select a theme/design aesthetic for your house

You need to start somewhere as it can became very overwhelming with SO many decisions.   From hardware on the doors to roof material, the design elements of the home are endless!  I chose MODERN FARMHOUSE as my theme.  It felt “right” in Idaho – rustic finishes such as reclaimed wood, cement tile floors paired with clean lines and a neutral color palette 🙂   Yes, it sounds SO simple but it has really helped me and my team stay on track when selecting not only exterior and interior finishes but furniture, windows, landscape materials and small details such as barn doors on the backside of the garage.  Every decision about the house goes back to the theme.  I’m always asking myself, “is it in-line with the MODERN FARMHOUSE theme?”  I would suggest starting with a Pinterest board.  Trust me, it’s been one of the tools I’ve used the most and reference in every single meeting I’ve had.   See below for some of my starting inspiration.  Check out my Idaho Pinterest board here!

Modern Farmhouse Interior Inspo

Sun Valley Remodel Modern Farmhouse Inspo

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Inspo

SV remodel inspo exterior

[2] Choose a GREAT team… get referrals!!

It always starts with the PEOPLE, amiright?!  I had a referral for every single person that is helping with the remodel – contractor, architect, interior designer, draftsman, electrician, carpenter, etc.  Since we are not physically living in Idaho now, it was very important to trust the team working on our home.

[3] Drive around and tour homes for inspiration.

What do you like and not like?  I would suggest writing down notes and taking pictures.  Not only does the Pinterest board help guide all of your subcontractors in the right direct but step 3 helps as well.  Once you see things up close and personal it is useful in making decisions.  For instance we needed to make the decision on the size of our exterior wood siding – 1’x8″ or 1’x6″.  I saw it in pictures but really needed to SEE it.  I found two house with the different siding sizes and once I saw it, I could make the decision immediately!

[4] Know the importance of a well designed floor plan…

This is especially important when doing a remodel – you don’t want your home to feel awkward.  Like I mentioned above I’ve lived in many homes – some remodels and others new builds.  When you are in a home that has been poorly remodeled, you can tell!  Design is one if not THE most important thing I’ve come to find when building our home.  Spending the money on a great architect that understand symmetry, layout and efficiency of space has been SO important.

[5] Create mock-up and renderings to see what finishes will look like.

I am very visual and actually seeing the materials I’ve chosen in real life and in renderings have helped me make fast decisions. For example if you follow along on my Instagram Story, I shared two versions of our great room ceiling – white wood vs. barn wood.  It was great to see what each would look like in order to make a BIG decision.  See below…

Modern Farmhouse Ceiling – White vs. Barn Wood

modern farmhouse ceiling

I’ll be sharing the construction and design process for the next year… Ya, it’s going to take that longggggg!!  Stay tuned for more tips and a behind-the-scene look the our Idaho home from the ground up.

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