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05 08

home style bar carthome style bar carthome style bar carthome style bar carthome style bar carthome style bar carthome style bar carthome style bar cartbar cart styled by kasey


Bar Cart: My Home Furnishings (not online – similar hereherehere)  ||  Glasses: See Below  ||  Mirrored Tray: West Elm ||  Decanters: Booze  ||  Copper Shaker: West Elm  ||  Rose Cocktail Napkins: Betsy White Stationary  ||  Cocktail Matches: Hattan Home  ||  Bar Tool Set: Crate & Barrel  ||  Fashion Books: E. Lawrence  ||  Cowhide Stool: Palecek (old – similar here)  ||  Scotch Bar Sign: Sweet Carolina  ||  Bison Head: White Faux Taxidermy  ||  Press for Champagne Button: Lisa Golightly

It’s cocktail time!!  I mean, who doesn’t love a bar cart and a lil’ drank with their besties?!  YAS please!

It all started with a cart… when I laid my eyes on this beauty, I knew it needed to come home with me.  It was time to give my bar setup a makeover and really make it my own!  A rustic-chic bar situation was most definitely in my future!  As per my usual style philosophy, I mixed high AND low items so not to worry ladies, there are beauties for every budg!!

The obvious place to start was… GLASSES!  I’ve collected different ones over the years so it was fun to mix and match – vino, cocktail, mules, martini, vintage family heirlooms AND my most favorite glass purchase, champagne COUPES!  I know, SO Gatsby of me 🙂  Next up, liquor to fill the glasses, obvi!  I stocked the bar with my hubs fave alcohol but added a fun touch with the decanter selection.  I found a few of mine on my travel adventures in vintage shops.  These are special to me but one to point out that is oh SO cute is the “Booze” decanter from Rosanna.  If you’ve never heard of this brand, it has the cutest home goods and you may fall in love with just about everything!  Check ’em out here.  So now that we have the glasses and alcohol situation on point, we need some bar tools to actually make yummy cocktails – shaker, jigger, stirrer, strainer, bottle opener – YAS please.  See below for all my favorites!!

Next up, some decor items to make your bar a little more personal.  If you haven’t noticed I like adding in a lil’ rustic here and there.  With that said, a skull head of some sort is pretty much in every room in my house.  This bison head was the perfect touch for the bar.  I also incorporated a little cowhide stool and rustic skis I found at a flea market.  Bing. Bang. Boom!  Whatever your style, take time to find pieces that really make it personal.  That’s the fun part!!  Another fun way to bring some flare to your bar is cocktail napkins, coasters, candles and art.  I used a few custom prints and a wood sign from my wedding.  Yes, I actually reused some things… I mean, why not?!  They were just too cute!  I had the scotch bar signs made on Etsy.  I can’t say enough good things about Etsy.  Once you find some artist you really like, it’s SO easy!!  Here are some of my faves: Sweet Carolina Collective, Moulage Collection, City Bee Design and Lily and Val.

Ok, Ok… who’s ready for a cocktail?!  #its5oclocksomewhere 🙂




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