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man cave living room

Man Cave Details

It’s all about small space living rooms today! After about 9 months of living in our current fixer upper home, I finally tackled Luke’s Man Cave. I’ll be sharing the details of his room as well as rounding up affordable rugs, coffee tables, sofas, end tables and poufs/ottomans that work well in smaller spaces. Scroll down to see!

Note, there is a GIANT TV on the wall. This is Luke’s doing! LOL Since it’s his “Man Cave”, he won the TV battle 😉 Just ignore it…

When we moved in this home the walls were painted a yellow-ish color and the floors where light 90’s wood. I immediately had them painted Benjamin Moore “Simply White” to brighten up the room. The floors were stained dark to match the rest of the house. I decided to leave the fireplace alone as It was fairly neutral and mountain-y.

Luke’s man cave styling all started with the velvet slip cover sofa (fabric: performance plush velvet, color: slate). He wanted something different for his space and selected the gray/blue color. I then designed the room around it. I always recommend starting with the foundations/largest items first: sofa, area rug and accent chairs (if using). I then picked the blue/neutral rug in a 5″x7″ size to fit the room. This beauty can fit partially under the sofa and square ottomans on each side, and is large enough for the rectangular coffee table to sit on it entirely.

Since the couch and rug had a lot of color, I went for a light wood coffee table, cream square ottomans and a marble side table. All of these pieces balanced out the space nicely. After selecting the furniture, I had fun with the decor: pillows, knit blanket, leather tray, cow art, coffee table books, basket and the mantel styling.

Everything I used in this space is linked below. If you want to see a how-to style video of this mantel and hearth, check it out here. I posted it on Instagram Reels last month. Happy styling!

Man Cave Furniture

Man Cave Decor

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man cave living room
man cave living room
man cave living room

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  1. It’s almost too cute to be a man cave! The space turned out beautiful, even with the huge TV on the wall! 🙂 Now tell me, does your husband eat in there? Because let’s just say that mine spilled his loaded tacos on the couch in his “man cave” and withouthiring local upholstery cleaners,  I’m not sure if we could have saved it!